It is striking how many people suffer from IBS, leaky gut, bloating, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, skin rashes, muscle loss, lack of energy, low libido, arthritis, and the list of autoimmune based diseases goes on.

Do you want to know the truth about why it isn’t easy to fix those conditions?

Because A) it takes time, and B) it is never just the gut or the skin or the weight alone.

Our body is an interconnected microorganism, and the immune system can only thrive when all systems are finetuned and work in balance with each other. And that’s why many people don’t get well, because they focus on healing the gut without fixing the stress. Or they are looking into improving the hormones without knowing that if the gut is imbalanced and not absorbing nutrients, the brain signals stress to the hormones, not allowing them to heal.

Through proper INTEGRATIVE HEALTH, we can teach you how to find the underlying imbalances and support the body with natural medicine for the entire body to heal.

If you are tired of trying, say no more, we know how you feel and how to heal!

We offer a uniquely designed program to teach you how to rebalance the body step by step. A program that works because it looks into the body as a whole.

We use functional labs to assist us in finding out your imbalances. Once we see what the body is missing – vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, or too much of something – bacterial overgrowth, high cortisol, high mercury we can bring the body back into a state where it can heal naturally.

We use a three-month program to teach you how to make positive, sustainable lifestyle changes based on symptoms and your lab results. And we use the right clinical protocols for detoxification, supplementation, sleep support elimination diets that we know work—no more guessing, no more back and forth, instead straight forward journey to full recovery.

Here is a fully transparent overview of how we can help.

Month 1

  • Health history intake
  • Education on how you got here and how to heal
  • EquiLife at-home lab test recommendations
  • Initial nutrition, health and lifestyle recommendations
    At-home lab tests will be purchased separately at our private client-only discounted rate.

Month 2

  • Review of your at-home lab test results
  • Explanation of results including any root cause imbalances
  • Design of your Personalized Wellness Plan (PWP) based on your results and bio-individuality

Month 3

  • Any updates needed to your Personal Wellness Plan (PWP)
  • Additional personalized resources provided based on your unique needs
  • Maintenance protocol
  • Next steps for your health journey

This program works exceptionally well and is so rewarding to see our clients finally heal and live a healthy, vibrant life.

Your health goals and challenges are different from everyone else, we understand that, and it’s why we keep personalized care at the centre of everything we do. While we provide a wealth of at-home lab tests that get to the root cause of many health challenges and protocols that focus on correcting underlying imbalances, many people don’t know where to begin. Others have started to understand their bodies but have questions and no one to turn to for answers. This is why we are excited to offer private, one-on-one health coaching services available online.