Don’t sweat it! 4 Reasons That Will Have You Convinced Using Natural Deodorant Is A Must!

Why make the switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant? Using antiperspirants has become a daily habit in our modern world. We associate it with our hygiene routine, because who wants to feel sweaty, smell bad and feel ‘dirty’ right? Well what if I said your antiperspirant was doing more harm to your health than good? Read on to discover the 4 reasons why you should ditch the antiperspirant and pick up a natural deodorant instead.


4 Reasons That Will Have You Convinced Using Natural Deodorant Is A Must!


  • Natural deodorant doesn’t prevent you sweating

“Hang on, what?” you say. Yep, natural deodorant does not stop your body from sweating because your body needs to perspire to be healthy! The act of sweating is your body releasing toxins out through the skin. Antiperspirant products literally clog the pores that allow the detoxification process to occur. When toxins have no escape, they re-enter the body to cause more havoc. Natural deodorants work with your body to assist in de-odour-ising … in other words, to make you less smelly and more healthy.


  • Antiperspirants use health damaging chemicals

If you haven’t looked on the label of your antiperspirant bottle, beware! The list of unrecognisable ingredients is frightening, and even more so when you know of the side effects and detrimental health conditions they can cause. Antiperspirants are concocted with many harmful substances including;

  • Aluminum
  • Proplyene Gylcol
  • Silica, Steareth
  • Triclosan
  • Talc
  • and allergens Parabens and Phthalates.

A Lot of big technical words, I know. But what you may want to be aware of is the diseases and illnesses that can occur from over consumption such as;

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • cancer
  • severe skin, lung and eye irritation
  • endocrine disruption
  • muscle weakness
  • premature aging
  • reproductive disorders and birth defects
  • and even known potential carcinogens.

Using an antiperspirant can seem like a big risk to take when all you’re trying to do is stop that post Pilates smell! Well, this is where natural deodorant comes to save the day.


  • Natural deodorants use health boosting nutrients

Natural deodorants not only work with your body in assisting your natural detoxification process, but many of the plant and mineral ingredients used provide extra nourishment to enhance your state of health. The natural ingredients that create these health conscious deodorant products could quite possibly already be in your kitchen or bathroom cupboard. They include;

  • rosemary
  • age
  • lemongrass
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • baking soda
  • arrowroot
  • lichen
  • tea tree oil
  • witch hazel
  • lavender
  • shea butter
  • kaolin clay
  • and aloe vera.

These organic ingredients allow natural deodorants to combat your bodily smell and sweat through a variety of less abrasive methods. These natural substance help your body by;

  • Absorbing moisture as opposed to blocking it
  • Neutralising odours instead of masking them with strong artificial scents
  • Soothing skin and helping to reduce intense irritation and inflammation
  • Acting as an Antiseptic to inhibit the growth and development of new bacteria forming on the skin
  • Working as an antibacterial to kill lingering bacteria and reduce their spread to other areas of the body

Gentle yet effective, the nourishing substances found in natural deodorants benefit all skin types including those prone to greater irritation and sensitivity.  


  • Natural deodorants can be used by everyone!

People who are vegans and/or gluten-free need not worry when buying a deodorant again. Natural deodorants are just that… all natural! They are therefore an easy choice to make whether you are vegan, gluten-free or not. With overwhelming evidence of the influence chemicals have on our populations’ degrading health, it’s an easy choice to make to have peace of mind you’re providing your body with the best way to stay dry and odour-free.


Ready to make the switch? Check out these tips before you do.

Allow your body to go through a detox period to draw out all toxins and heavy metals. This process is actively restoring balance to your body’s bacteria and Ph levels. This phase can last up to two weeks and may by characterised by odour, red skin or a rash. You can speed up this process by exfoliating your armpits twice a week.

As you move through the detoxifying phase you can combat increased odour by adding an extra wash into your day. Simply wash with natural soap and water, and then pat dry, applying your new natural deodorant after each clean.

Stick with it, as after this process your body will be back in balance and feeling better than ever. As always speak to a staff member at the Yoga Harmony studio if you need any information about our range of natural health care products including dry skin brushes and tongue cleaners.