arthritis in elderly hands

Arthritis and Healing

Here at Yoga Harmony, we see many people come through our doors. People from all walks of life. People with different interests, perspectives and unique qualities.

They all seek health in many ways. For many, living with arthritis is a major factor when making big life decisions or simply those smaller decisions that make up their day to day life.

Common vs Effective

For those suffering Arthritis, it is common to be prescribed medication. Medication to fix the pain, to bring back greater movement, to prevent further discomfort.

But is what is considered a common course of action necessarily the most effective?

The Side Effect

All medications have side effects. The body is required to process the medication and in doing so a change is brought about in the body. This chemical reaction, like any reaction in our world, produces a reaction or by-product.

These by-products and side effects often go overlooked, and not without good reason. When the main cause of pain or illness is suppressed then the medication is deemed to have done a great job. It can bring about pain relief and a sense of healing. But this is risky.

Overlooking side effects mean people are choosing which ailments they wish to endure. They can choose between living with one larger problem at its most prominent, or two or more less intense options causes by side effects that sit in the background.

For many, this is a trade that can be beneficial and one that people are happy to make.

Healing Properties of Physical Movement

If you think physical movement does not have any side effects, you would be wrong.

Physical movement does indeed have many side effects and by-products that become effective immediately or a long time after the exercise occurs.  

The difference is the side effects of physical movement are generated in the body by the body. It is naturally occurring. It occurs in a form that the body produces itself to better its own processes.

Cells regenerate, detoxification takes place, the mind is clear and your emotions are enhanced.

The knock-on effect of exercise brings about positive outcomes that can alleviate a range of conditions existing in the body and mind.

Treat, Manage and Live Better

The classes at Yoga Harmony Perth help those living with arthritis. Our members use yoga, Pilates and rebounder classes to treat and manage arthritis, as well as to treat and manage their general health.

We enjoy guiding people to becoming their own healers. Instead of following the modern human ideals of relying on medicine, we enjoy educating our members to embrace their own natural power.

Be Empowered

Moving your body, eating the right foods, sleeping well… these are all ways to medicate the self, to soothe the self and to bring around positive change. In conjunction with existing treatments, adopting a greater awareness of nourishing the body can help you experience a life with less negative side effects.

Moving, caring for mind and resting your body helps you gives you the control of producing long-lasting health and happiness that is natural, beneficial and leads you towards living a better life.

So come and join us for a health boosting class today!