girl with back pain

Back Pain vs Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions humans experience.

When we hear of someone expressing their back pain, most of us can empathise. We share experiences of different forms of back pain and understand how it can affect everything from your daily activities to your quality of life.

But did you know, there are two different types of back pain?

The Two Types of Back Pain

Chronic back pain.

‘Chronic’ means persisting for long periods or constantly recurring. This type of back pain is the experience of constant niggling, tingles, throbbing, aches, pains and tightness. These sensations are ongoing due to a previous accident, injury or existing condition.

Acute back pain.

‘Acute’ means current trauma that is severe or to an intense degree. This type of back pain often leaves you unable to move or with limited movement. It can be described as ‘putting your back out’ and is the experience of sudden, sharp, shooting, stabbing, searing and burning pain.

Understanding Your Pain

Regardless of the type, back pain can be treated.

To do this it is important to understand what is happening in your body. It is important to recognise what pain signals are being sent to the brain and to be able to understand what you can do to bring about recuperation.

Recognise these pain signals with an open mind. Yes, your shoulder might ache however it may be secondary symptoms resulting from a previous back injury.

Imbalances in the skeletal structure and muscle strains produce a knock on effect that may manifest as pain or tightness elsewhere in the body.

Holistic movement therapy will allow you to safely explore, treat and ease your back pain. It is the best method to condition the body, reduce pain and enable freedom through mobility.

Existing imbalances can flare up and cause acute pain. This can indicate inflamed nerves and can leave you feeling very limited in your movements.

In these circumstance, become intimate with this pain. Really consider how it is experienced in the body and use it as a source of information.

What Can One Do To Help the Body and Manage Pain?

In cases of acute back pain, treatment starts with several days of rest. With practice you will be able to sense when you are ready to engage again in movement and begin further recuperation, rejuvenation and healing.

When you are ready, apply gentle releasing techniques. Access your internal awareness and carefully and compassionately go deeper into yourself self to heal the acute pain you are experiencing.

This process of healing is a personal one. You do not have to be a yoga or Pilates teacher to heal yourself.

You have the same internal power and control over your condition as movement practitioners, health teachers and fitness instructors.. It is simply a factor of learning how to understand it and manage it safely.

Movement is the best therapy for any pain. This movement is to guide the body. It is to teach the body how to move back into balance. It teaches the body how to regain stability and functionality.

Pain Is Your Teacher

To ease pain and bring about such healing you must see pain as your teacher. You must have the ability to understand yourself, to listen to your body and to become aware of how you can utilise movement in a form of therapy and rehabilitation.

Understanding the right type of therapeutic movement is the key to healing.

Conscious exercises such a yoga and Pilates teaches us how to understand ourselves on an intimate level. They give us the internal tools to be our own healers when the need arises.

Conscious exercises are not only methods that can prepare us for healing our own pains but can act as ways to treat the body during and after pain and injury exists.

There are always ways to manage your condition. In conjunction with advice from your health professional, we can all become our own healing practitioners.

There is no one that experiences your physical pain other than yourself. Learn about your pain. Learn to listen to your body. Then you may go on to introduce movement as therapy in a safe and supervised way to release yourself from back pain.