Bounce Your Way to Better Health!

Cast your mind back to those childhood days and the absolute THRILL of jumping on a trampoline. Such excitement! Such energy! That feeling of weightlessness as you flew up into the sky.

Well, little did you know as a child that jumping on the trampoline brings more than just joy. It was actually doing wonders for your body and overall health too!

It doesn’t matter if your were a seasoned trampoline aficionado or have never set foot on one before. A rebounder or (mini trampoline) can bring you the same experience and health benefits today.

A rebounder will not only gift you with all the fun of jumping but with it comes an incredible amount of health boosting effects that you as an adult can truly appreciate.

Maximising Life With a Mini Trampoline

A rebounder is so beneficial for your health that today it is recommended by hundreds of professionals worldwide including doctors, chiropractors, health professionals and scientists.

Efficient and Time Saving

One reason a rebounder has proved to be so effective at enhancing your health is its extreme efficiency. It is, in fact, one of the most efficient forms of exercise.

Dr Paul E. Devore and Dr Morton Walker, D.P.M explain that a 2 minute session on a rebounder equates to the same effort of exercise as running for 6 minutes, swimming for 10 minutes or walking for 22 minutes.

So for only 10 minutes a day, your getting a great health boosting workout in minimal time. Excellent to fit into any busy schedule.

Support Other Forms of Exercise

A rebounder works the whole body which greatly lends itself to supporting all the other types of exercise you do, especially Yoga and Pilates.

The Research director of the Institute for Aerobic Research Dr Larry Gettman found that incorporating the use of a mini trampoline into your fitness routines can improve your aerobic endurance by 17% and in as little as 12 weeks it is possible to increase your strength by 26%!

Improve Your Everyday Movement

Wish you felt more comfortable and capable every day? Jumping on a rebounder is a great way to support our daily life movements.

Whether it be reaching a cupboard, walking up stairs, carrying the groceries or specific motions you complete every day at work, this form of exercise ensures you can do so with greater ease.

Health Benefits That Make Your Jump For Joy

Health and Fitness For All

From children to the elderly, anyone can experience positive health gains from using a rebounder.

“Vertical movement up and down challenges the proprioceptors improving equilibrium and balance” states Dr Arthur C. Guyton, which explains why jumping helps increase physical stability and coordination in growing children and the aged population.

Developing these things help children strengthen their growing muscles and bones, minimise falls and slows down the aging process.

Rebounder Health Benefits

Optimise Your Organs and Systems

In the Journal of Education, John A. Friedrich states that “moving the muscles, especially the large leg muscles, aids blood circulation exceedingly.” This has a great impact everywhere in the body.

He goes on to explain that this change in the body “very significantly enhances the total circulatory efficiency, and in the process, minimises the stress put on the heart.” Less debilitating stress on the heart means a stronger heart, lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular fitness and reduced cardiovascular disease risk.

Effective blood flow pumped by the heart also aids the cardiovascular system by improving breathing capacity, increasing oxygen delivery to the tissues and cells, and promoting greater red blood cell production.

Along with healthier blood circulation, the circulation of the Lymphatic system – which is extremely important in maintaining our health – is vastly improved. Jumping on a rebounder helps to flush out viruses, bacteria, dead and mutant cells and other foreign invaders that can make us sick.

Nourish Your Muscles and Bones

“Rebounding not only increases the strength of each muscle by increasing the G force repeatedly” mentions the founder of ‘Rebounder’ Dr Albert E. Carter.

After years of competing in Gymnastics Championships and watching the health of his children improve as they trained on the trampoline, Carter discovered that it is also the bones of the body that gain greater strength with this type of exercise due to a large increase in bone density.

The best part? You get all the benefits of bone health without the impact on your joints. Dr James White found that jumping on the mini trampoline caused “one fifth [of] the impact that jogging on a treadmill or skipping rope on a floor would produce”. This means the resilient yet cushioned surface of a rebounder aids in the relief of joint pain, including back pain.

Enhance Your Mental Health and Quality of Life

Reduce headaches, improve sleep and stimulate mental performance and learning. A rebounder definitely offers benefits that we all want more of!

Using a rebounder is a fun way to burn calories and ultimately lose weight – a major element that can help you feel better in both body and mind. With little impact and strain, and the need for only 10 minutes a day, a mini trampoline is an effective way to give your whole self an energetic boost!

Exercise should be fun! Come and try our Cellercise rebounders in the studio today and bounce your way to a healthier you!

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