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Finding Your Community: Why We Are Better Together

It is a human trait to seek others. To create bonds. To pursue the support of others to survive. 

As social beings in today’s world, we understand that it is this coming together of a community that bring about positive change in the individual and wider society as a whole.

We at Yoga Harmony are passionate about our community. Built on friendship, trust and positive vibes, we understand that this is a key element to living a healthy life full of happiness, love and fulfilment.

So what exactly does becoming part of such a loving community offer you? Why are we better together?

Shared Interests

Community groups are brought together because the people involved have something in common. This link can be anything from culture, interests, hobbies and health values. The Yoga Harmony community share the interests of positive wellbeing. Whether this be through physical means, conscious methods, social networks or all three, embracing our interests and passions are strengthened when we approach them together.

Sense of Belonging

The sense of belonging – an almost indescribable feeling – pulls us in ways that provide us with feelings of comfort within ourselves and with others. A sense of belonging eliminates loneliness or a feeling lost. It removes those doubts about the reasons we are the way we are and allows us to feel at one with like-minded people.


This strong pull of people together establishes a deep, meaningful and purposeful connection within a community. This inevitably brings greater happiness and contentment to everything you do with and for others.

It also allows you to deeply reconnect with your true self. By seeing you positive attributes reflected in those around you, you can foster a sense of love and compassion for yourself and your unique contribution to your community.

Wealth of Knowledge

With many minds and hearts comes greater knowledge and compassion. What an amazing resource to have! Being a part of a community is extremely beneficial because you have access to some amazing people with incredible insights that will help you develop your own mind.

Interacting and exploring ideas with others who appreciate similar values will help you open your own mind. It will help you develop as a person. The collective understanding your society holds will help you continually grow and see the world through a positive perspective.


Emotions are contagious. Witnessing another person’s smile can release feelings of pure joy within yourself. Coming together with a community exposes you to a flood of powerfully positive vibes. This exchange of emotions means you can soak up the energy of those around you and be inspired by them.

Motivation to Grow Positively

Inspiration goes onto manifest as motivation. When all within the community are inspired and motivated, the group as a whole can progress toward positive outcomes. This has a snowball effect. There is a positive energy that grows within the group to a degree that would not be possible in the mind of one alone.


Who is there for you when you are having a tough time – when your thoughts turn sour and you berate yourself for a small mistakes?

Being a part of a community works as an avenue for you to release your thoughts and feelings in a therapeutic way. You thoughts no longer need to stay bouncing around in your solitary mind. Your emotions no longer need to weigh you down.

Such thoughts and feelings can be released in a way that detoxifies your body and mind, which can also be helpful for those around you. The support a community offers allows you to feel that there is no hurdle in life too difficult to overcome.


The most important trait of a community is its ability to enhance the fun in your life! The joys we receive from experiences is greatly magnified when sharing them with others.

So seek a community that makes your day a little brighter! Let others in who share your values and thrive off each others’ positive energy.

Embrace the Yoga Harmony community and together we can bring a sparkle to life that allows us all to flourish as individuals and as a loving family.