yoga for asthma and hayfever

Conscious Methods: Relieve Your Asthma and Hayfever Naturally – Part 2

As we saw in part 1 of our series on asthma and hayfever, these conditions are widespread. Both asthma and hayfever have touched the lives of many, causing large numbers of people around the world to alter the way they live to manage their health.

We looked into the natural oils, herbs and formulas as well as organic foods that can help treat asthma and hayfever symptoms… but what can you actually do to bring about better health and easier breathing?

Alleviate symptoms with conscious practices

Yoga and Pilates promote mindful breathing. Specific techniques can benefit asthma and hayfever sufferers by actively stretching the lungs and providing a detoxifying effect on the system.

The deep belly breathing technique requires you to shift of breathing into the belly as opposed to the chest. Full breaths executed at a slower pace promote deeper breathing and help to release any stale energy or mucus buildup deep in the airways.

If you’ve never tried the Buteyko breathing exercise, it is best to do so first with the guidance of a teacher. This style of breathing requires you to alter your breathing rate and volume. With a closed mouth, breath through the nose. Make your breaths slow and shallow. On the exhale, release all the air from your lungs and pause. Hold the breath as long as possible and then return to normal, gentle breathing.

Asthma sufferers may feel an asthma attack developing. If so the pursed lip breathing technique can be very helpful. Focus on inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling through pursed lips, almost simulating a whistle. This helps asthmatics as the air that is trapped in the lungs can be released.

Steam baths are effective as a treatment for asthma. The hot, damp air can penetrate the nasal cavity and airways of the lungs. This helps loosen congestion, bring moisture to the tissues and provide needed relief.

Using your cardiovascular system through light exercise also suppresses unwanted hayfever asthma symptoms. Soothing indoor activities such as yoga, Pilates, walking, swimming and even dancing promotes the flow of internal fluids whilst keeping you away from airborne irritants outside. Not only do these activities give you a mental boost, they help to break down mucus buildup in the lungs and build strength in the lungs.

The ears, nose, throat and lungs are all connected. To promote healthy breathing we have to nurture each part of the breathing system. Try using one of the Neti Pots for sale in the studio.

Neti pots help with nasal irrigation – a method of health treatment used for centuries originating from ancient yogic medical practices. The Neti pot is a simple device that is excellent for flushing out the sinuses. It thins and removes the lining of mucus that causes irritation, pain and blockages in the sinus cavities.  

Cleansing the nasal passages and relieving congestion – all of which can become triggers to escalating hayfever and asthma.

So don’t let the weather get the better of you. Be able to enjoy Spring’s beauty as it starts to warm up our days. Become mindful of your body and build awareness about understanding your health. Consult your health practitioner and talk to them about incorporating natural methods into your life for optimal healthy living.