Sitting Too Much? Watch Out For Unhappy Hips

Hips And Your Health

As a whole, our society has become one that sits. There is an increase of humans sitting more, moving less and opting to take a passive role in life, as opposed to a physically active one.

Our whole body is designed to move, especially our hips. They are ball and socket joints providing a larger range of motion than many other joints. They assist our body, the vehicle with which we carry ourselves through life, to move from place to place. Our hips enable us to bend, jump, walk up steps and dance to uplifting music!

As the largest joints in our body our hips are specifically positioned to govern the wide range of movement humans generate. But when movement is minimal or nonexistent, problems start to arise.

Why Is Prolonged Sitting Dangerous?

As people sit behind their desks tapping away at their keyboard, or lounge night after night on the couch watching television, the structure of their anatomy is changing. The hip flexor muscles at the front of the hips are getting shorter and tighter, and the glute muscles at the back are getting longer and weaker.

Day after day, night after night; if this continues your hips move into an abnormal shape permanently, which causes a whole host of issues. Once the hips and pelvis are off tilt, the effects travel up your spine. Other muscles in your body try to compensate before becoming sore and overused too.  

When it comes to our health everything is connected. A little niggle here, a dull ache there or shooting pain throughout your body may be due to an issue that stems far from the point of pain. When you sit for too long, your hips are affected but you may only feel the strain in your back, neck or even manifesting as a headache.

Get Active

You’ve heard it before; “Move it or lose it”. This saying bears truth with your hip joints. The more you move them the stronger and healthier they are. Yes, we can improve neglected hips that have too long been in a sitting position, however there is a point where the effects of too much inactivity just can’t be undone.

We need to take the time to invest in treating our hip joints. To do this we need to move. Yoga and Pilates are perfect practices to gently improve the strength and flexibility of these joints. Increased blood flow nourishes our bones, giving them what they need to repair and thrive. We need to move to increase joint lubrication, which provides us with greater ease of motion and reduced pain and stiffness.

Stretch And Strengthen

It is important to strengthen and loosen your hips joints for improved health. This balance helps to create stability as well as improving your range of movement. Poses that stretch deeply into the hips unlocks freedom in the body and metaphysically realise stale energy that has been trapped within.

Do you remember that when it comes to our health everything is connected? When you focus on improving the health of your hips a myriad of other health benefits come your way. Not only are you gifted with a pain free back and increased general well being, but you also experience better digestion, improved organ function and more restful sleep.

Be mindful and take the time to bring deep healing into your hips. Balance long periods of sitting with practices that nourish and care for your joints. Let your hips support you in being active in this beautiful world of ours.