Yoga and Pilates for Osteoporosis

There are various degrees of Osteoporosis. Many people find themselves on this spectrum, suffering from slight to severe cases of the disease. Unfortunately some don’t know of their condition until a truly painful bone fracture reveals several smaller ones that already exist.

Osteoporosis is a decrease in the bone density. This results in a decrease of bone strength which results in more breaks.

Losing bone density is natural as we age, although those with severe Osteoporosis have developed abnormally porous bone, like a sponge. This bone is easily compressed and damaged, with the most common injuries occurring in the spine, hips, ribs and delicate bones in the wrists and ankles.

How Do We Help Ourselves?

Simply, the higher the bone density of your skeleton, the stronger the bones. Unfortunately you cannot gain back what has been lost. This is why the focus of treatment for osteoporosis is prevention. But even so, there are various ways you can care for your bones when Osteoporosis is already impacting your life.

To increase bone density and strength you need to exercise regularly. This is relevant to everyone, as our bone density stops building around the age of thirty. By being consistently active prior to reaching this age, you will build up your bones before this natural decrease in bone density takes place.

Yoga and Pilates as a Proactive and Reactive Approach

How do you exercise brittle bones regularly? Find exercises that not only promote holistic health through mental and physical compassion, but are gentle and strong at the same time. This is why Yoga and Pilates are the perfect treatment and management plan for Osteoporosis.

It is important that the exercise you do has a weight bearing component as this strengthens your bones. Yoga and Pilates use your bodyweight to build strong bone density in a safe way. A gentle approach can also be daily walking and joining a rebounder class will improve your bones strength greatly whilst having a lot of fun!

These methods are a excellent ways to support your bones health as they can be adjusted to your ability level. This means you are able to avoid exercises that can injure already weakened bones.

In addition to directly strengthening the bones, Yoga and Pilates help people with osteoporosis build greater muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility and balance. Improving these aspects of your body act as a support network for your bones. A fall can either be avoided or the impact lessened by a greater ability to stabilise yourself.

Help Your Bones and Heal Your Mind

The condition of your mind is always so important when tackling any type of illness, disease or simply just a bad day. Yoga and Pilates help you boost your mental health and promote emotional balance as you navigate life with osteoporosis.

Yoga and Pilates help you to experience deep holistic healing and greatly improve your body awareness. This increased alertness of the self, both emotional and physical, is a great way to live a full life no matter how strong or weak your bones may be.

Try Yoga and Pilates today. You will be building strength in the very structures of your body that make up the foundations of which you move, as well as freeing the mind to live and think with greater happiness!