Real Resolutions – Creating Change for Good

There is nothing more motivating than a New Year’s resolution. People across the globe vow to come to Yoga and Pilates, lose weight, stop smoking and overhaul their life for the better.

But as most experience, these resolutions are extremely hard to maintain. How can changing simple acts be so difficult? Why do so many of us set out with good intentions but never see them come to fruition?

The reason? Most resolutions are set up for short success. The mind frame used to create such resolutions is the reason they only last short term. Whether it be a couple of weeks or a few short months, most fall back into old routines and old habits again.

Would you like lasting change? There are things you can do to turn your resolutions around and make them something that impacts your life positively for the long term.

Change Takes Time to Become Permanent

The secret is to set longer goals for a successful lifestyle. This involves applying a perspective and timeline that allows for success to flourish.

No more quick fixes – we all know they don’t work. Put your precious time and positive energy towards something that will gift you with rewards in the long run. This is how your resolutions will change your life for the better.

Use your knowledge of human nature to build goals that are easy to achieve. Humans can adapt well to change, as long as it is complementary to their current situation. This is the key.

Giving yourself time to change slowly and with looking upon such change with a positive perspective will ensure these resolutions gradually and easily evolve your lifestyle and take you in the direction you want it to go.

How to Live a Life That Changes For The Better

Whether it be financial, social, physical or mental, all goals can be successful if you apply some simple tips when building your resolutions and shaping the lifestyle you want.

Employ a Broader Perspective

Change is a big thing. Life change impacts you in so many various ways and has a great knock-on effect. This is why narrow-minded or extremely specific resolution often fall flat.

Changing your view to see life holistically, as opposed to disconnected events, will help you to live a lifestyle that is complementary to your goals and will bring about success that fits in with all you do. Don’t aim to be happy about just one thing in particular. Aim to be happy.

Eat Healthy Foods

Yes, what goes into your body affects everything you do, including your brain power. Healthy eating makes for healthy thinking, which is your main tool for goals success.

Exercise Regularly

Positive vibes are contagious. Exercise is the perfect way to conjure up self-motivation and esteem that will keep you feeling good and thinking and moving in the right direction. View it as a valuable exchange – energy you put into your actions creates greater energy output.

An energised body is able to function at optimal levels. This gift of movement and livelihood to your body will ensure it acts as an accelerant in your quest for achievement and no longer weighs you down.

Balance Your Emotions

Life is complex. To believe your journey of change will be a simple progression towards success is unreasonable, if not impossible.

We have good, bad and neutral moments each and every day we live so understanding that our emotions work well when balanced is the key to not becoming discouraged.

Without the downs, there are no ups. The not so great days will help those days of growth seem that much greater.

Do things to nourish all elements of your emotions. Do not place all your faith and expectations in one area. Have activities and social support that bring you joy and peace, and learn to embrace those days where everything doesn’t seem to be going ‘right’. These days a simply a sign that you are human and your journey is a natural one.

Enjoy Yourself

Joy is a choice. The way we look at situations in our life is what deems our feelings and reactions to it. So make yours one of positivity and fun! Easing up on yourself and pursuing your resolutions with an air of playfulness will mean both your successes and failures will still leave you feeling joyful.

Now your armed with the knowledge, jump in and give it a go! Make a gradually, long-term change and give your achievements a permanent place in your life.