Your Spine, A Major Element of Your Holistic Health

The spine – such an underrated part of our bodies. More than just a collection of small round bones, the spinal column brings stability, functionality and opportunities to our lives.

When we look closer at this marvellous element of our bodies we can truly see its importance and potential.

Considering your spine as a vital supporter of your emotional body as well as the infrastructure for your physical body will allow you to understand it on a deeper level. From here you are able to care for your body, mind and Self.

Strengthening Your Whole Body With a Healthy Spine

It is extremely important to maintain a healthy and strong spine. Why? Because it is the gateway to our health on many levels.

The Brain and Nervous System

Our spine directly impacts our brain function. The spinal column itself protects the spinal cord. This cord is made up of nerves and acts as the messenger of the body. It sends and receives communication, passing signals to and from the brain and all parts of our body.

Keeping your spine strong will help to protect the spinal cord. The nerves in this Nervous System impacts every action our bodies take – conscious or unconscious. A healthy spine allows our body to function at its greatest capacity.

Freedom of Movement

The spine is a truly amazing structure. It is vital we take care of its 33 vertebrae and intervertebral discs. If these small bones are strong and the soft discs are healthy we are able to function smoothly without pain or hindrance.

Obtaining freedom of movement requires movement itself! The only way to nourish the intervertebral discs is by moving the body to pump nutrients into the structure of the spine.

Exercise, stretching and building your spine’s range of motion will increase your bone density and bring greater flexibility, so you will feel more at ease with whatever you do.

The Importance of Posture

Do you experience neck, shoulder or hip pain? These symptoms are often the result of poor posture.

An unhealthy posture is a misalignment of the spine. It causes the vertebrae to become unequally stressed. A misaligned spine in the prime candidate for the cause of referred pain throughout the body. This can range from tingling, numbness, headaches and migraines to low energy, fatigue and debilitating back pain.

An imbalance between the small bones in the spine means the spinal column has to work harder to compensate. More pressure, stress and exhaustion leading to decrease in healing and declining immune systems. Nourish your spine physically to avoid health issue and to feel better again!

Nurture Your Emotional Body Through Your Spine

When we consider our body metaphysically, we see just how integral our spine is to our holistic health. It is the protective sheath and access channel for the universal energy within us.

The Sushumna is the central channel or ‘Nadi’ that allows Prana energy to flow throughout us. It is situated with the spinal cord and moves energy up and down our bodies through our chakras.

Chakras are flowing spirals of energy. They are closely linked with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. From the base of the spine, Prana energy flows up connecting all seven chakras.

Ensuring our spine is healthy allows you to nurture and care for your chakras. This means they can remain unblocked and allow the Pranic energy to flow through unhindered. The healing properties of Prana can then reach every cell of our bodies. It will boost our health on so many levels including promoting a calmer, peaceful and more connected body and mind.

Showing love to our spine and chakras allows the metaphysical Self to become balanced. Take care of these amazing aspects of our bodies and you will create a calm mind, content spirit and freedom in emotions to discover deep and honest happiness with life and your Self.