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Squatting: The Anti-Ageing Therapy

Did you know, your ability to squat can reveal your life expectancy?

Recently, a group of Brazilian researchers published this realisation in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention. After conducting a long term study they discovered a human’s ability to squat, sit and stand from the floor indicates how long they have to live.

Amazingly, 7.9% of the lowest scoring participants had died before by the conclusion of the 6 year study.

So What Does This Mean?

These facts show us just how important squatting is.

The lead researcher of the study Dr Araujo and his team found that it wasn’t only the lowest scoring participants that were cause for alarm. Even people who showed poor squatting ability or struggled to get to and from the floor were calculated to have 2 to 5 times higher mortality rate.

Getting Back To Basics

Unfortunately, lifestyle has become the major culprit in shortening our lives.

Lower back pain is estimated to be experienced by 60% to 70%  of people in industrialised countries. Why do we not hear the same statics from developing countries? Because their lifestyle encouraged the basics of fundamental movement.

Developing countries squat much more than their developed counterparts. They have fewer chairs and therefore perform movements that utilise full ranges of their spine, hips, knees and ankles. Where modern society with its sedentary lifestyle is stealing our ability to move with a wide and stable range of motion, large populations in third world countries are required to squat regularly in their daily lives.

As the age old saying goes, use it or lose it. Developing countries are able to maintain longevity and reduces pain in their later years because they continue to utilise their body to its greatest capacity.  

Improve Your Life with Squats

With every movement, parts of our body experience increased blood flow. Unfortunately when limited to the position of a chair your blood flow too is reduced.  

With greater movement of major joints and body parts, Squatting increases the flow of blood and vital nutrients. This nourishes all the cells in your bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments which become healthier and better able to heal. This is the process of slowing down the ageing of your feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine.

In addition to increased blood flow, it is the combination of flexibility and strength that brings ease to your movements. Maintaining these allows you to sustain good balance and injury prevention as you age. Eliminating aches and pains, powering up your body and increasing your range of stable motion gives you greater capacity to engage in – and enjoy – life’s activities.

Where Do I Begin?

By looking at all the benefits of squatting, it is easy to see just how improving your ability to squat can indeed extend not only the length of your life but its quality too.

Begin with a safe practice by seeking the guidance of knowledgeable teachers and instructors. Yoga and Pilates are great methods to use as they progressively developing your squatting abilities.

At Yoga Harmony we start all of our Knoff Yoga classes with the squat sequence. Each time you feel challenged by this sequence, bring to mind the ability it has to greatly improve your health not only today but every day into the future.

Start small and work your way to greater movement. Get out of your chair, get moving and embrace an active, healthy and happy life.