What’s a Dosha and Which One Are You?

Have you ever wondered why people are so different? Their looks, they opinions, their personalities?

From our external environment and experiences to our genes and internal energies, humans are wonderfully individual.

On our deepest level, we function in a unique way that seeks balance. Who we are and our sense of self on this internal level can be explained simply by our Dosha(s).

What is a Dosha?

The doshas are energies that make up the underlying factors to how our body and mind work. Their influence reaches far and wide, from our emotional disposition and problem solving approaches to our favourite music and food.

These dynamic energies create the blueprint for how our mind and body work. However, this blueprint is flexible to an extent – it changes in response to actions, thoughts, emotions, aromas, seasons and all the sensory input we encounter.

Our aim is to understand our primary Dosha(s) and work to ensure it/they are balanced. BY gaining balance we can seek enhanced health. We can avoid weakening of the body and effects upon the Self that results from fighting against who we really are.

Doshas and How They Make You, You

The Doshas are made up of the energies we find in our natural world; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and the Ether.

These energies represent the states of which all matter can be; solid, liquid, radiant, gaseous and ethereal.

This just goes to show that the energies within us are those of the universe around us. We have the expansive universe inside our very soul.

The Combination of the Elements

The Doshas are combinations of the elements. Vata is composed of Ether (often referred to as Space) and Air. Pitta is the combination of Fire and Water. Kapha is the combination of Earth and Water.

In most cases, one Dosha dominates most individuals. However, a second Dosha can also have a strong influence and this causes a  dual-constitution of two Doshas.


The Space and Air elements enhance excitable qualities in people with Vata energies.

People with a strong Vata Dosha are quick thinking and fast moving. They are enthusiastic, often have disrupted sleep and hunger patterns as well as experiencing changing moods.

Although they have a tendency to worry they have bursts of energy, a powerful imagination and can grasp new information quickly.

Enjoyable smells for people with high Vata energy reflect strong flavours and aromas. They often enjoy slightly bitter foods and usually find a blend of warm, sweets and sour aromas calming, such as basil and orange to rose and spices.


With a mixture of Fire and Water qualities, people with strong Pitta energies can indeed have fiery personalities!

Built for endurance of body and mind, these people have enterprising motivations and enjoy challenges. They have a sharp hunger and thirst for both food and life opportunities.

People with strong Vata energies are well spoken and enjoy feeding their sharp intellect. Their precise views and opinions help them commit and apply themselves to things important to them.

Drawn to salty scents and flavours, Vata personalities can soothe their emotions using sweet cool aromas such as sandalwood, rose, mint, cinnamon and Jasmine.


Kapha energy has a grounding nature. People with this energy feel deeper connections with the earth due to the mix of Earth and Water qualities.

They embody a sense of calm power. Although they tend to be tranquil, slow and relaxed the empowerment they can bring to the surface shows strength in body and mind.

People with high Kapha energy are affectionate, tolerant and forgiving. Their honesty and loyalty runs deep, making them a perfect companion to slowly deliberate and explore expansive ideas.

Sweet tastes are highly enjoyed by strong Kapha personalities. But as always, too much of a good thing can sometimes be no good at all! Kapahas can counteract their senses with less sugary tastes and balance their mood using slightly spicier scents including juniper, eucalyptus, clove and marjoram.

Dosha Balance is The Key

You can use your knowledge of your Dosha(s) characteristics to enhance your health and contentment in life.

When considering your Dosha(s) all you need to remember is like increases like, while opposites create balance.

Find what it is your Dosha needs to establish balance and you have found the middle way. This will bring you greater peace in body and mind and an equilibrium of life that brings you a calm sense of deep happiness.