Appreciation; Invite Happiness Into Your Life With Two Simple Words – “Thank You”

Two little words that can mean so much; thank you. They hold such power and emotion when used authentically. However, the act of using these two words with absolute honesty can so easily disappear from our lives. It’s time to bring it back. To learnt the power of “thank you’ in an honest, real and pure way, that is not only intended for others but for ourselves as well.

Appreciation For Others

We all know the warm, fuzzy feeling of being given praise and appreciation from someone we look up to, love or admire. Sharing your gratitude with others creates strong social bonds. Gratitude is a great motivator. It inspires others to persevere, to reach for more, to share more generously and love more deeply.  

We as individuals are reflected in the friendships we make. Relationships built on appreciation, in turn, nurture our own well being. Saying a heartfelt thank you is one of the most meaningful forms our human language can take to tell someone how much they mean to you. So don’t hold back! Get a boost from knowing you are helping someone feel this good just by sharing your thoughts and feeling of gratitude with them.

Discover A Deeper Impact

As with most interactions, the act of sharing appreciation is not only a one way street. Saying the words thank you to others enhances our own feelings of being truly grateful. Being grateful within ourselves and for ourselves manifests as self appreciation. Self appreciation may be the most powerful thing you have that can connect you with the truth of who you are on a deeper level.

Self appreciation is different to self esteem or self confidence. It is not a level of judgement or a measurable scale. Self appreciation is a process of appreciating oneself. It is the act of investigating you inner being and realising the love that emanates from within. Love for your true self.

Thanking Yourself

Humans have a tendency to look at the all the bad things, especially when it comes to regarding oneself. Often thought patterns arise that are weighed down with blame, shame or frustration for making a ‘mistake’ or forgetting something. It is this imbalance of negative thoughts that steals from us the ability to see all the good in our daily lives. Humans find it hard to see how we are doing good things, feeling well and functioning properly. A good day has somehow become the default that no longer requires any recognition.

Acknowledging and appreciating yourself, no matter what type of day or under whatever circumstances, will give you the ability to heal. Be grateful that even your ‘weaknesses’ are a part of who your are. Savour all the positivity that comes your way, from all types of situations and experiences. Self appreciation will allow you to really open your eyes and discover the amazing being that exists within.

Let Happiness In

Appreciation opens up a whole world of wonder for yourself and others. It takes away the facade of judgment and allows us to see what’s real. The beautiful simplicity of being. That we are already perfect the way we are.

You don’t have to achieve anything to appreciate yourself, simply enjoy what we have instead of wanting for more. See that you already have truth, love and happiness in the most basic of things. The glittering rays of the sun, the refreshing breeze, the swaying trees, an intoxicating smile, a loving hand to hold.

So start sharing your thank yous. Let those around you know how much your appreciate them. Become mindful of how much you appreciate all the little things in this amazing world of ours.

And most of all be grateful for you! If it’s in a daily gratitude journal or just a mental note as you lay day to sleep at night, take the time to realise, and feel, that simple happiness. Thank yourself for simply being you.