Making This Place a Better World

This world, our home, is a vast and intriguing place. With many wonders as well as wondrous people, we are lucky to experience this natural environment with all its revitalising beauty.

And as time goes on, we know things continue to change. The impact humans have had on our planet is harsh. These effects build and build, continuing to hurt our environment. But that’s not to say our Earth cannot heal.

Just as with our own bodies, this world on which we live can heal… as long as we allow it to. Just like nourishing ourselves, physically and mentally when we are unwell, so too can we enable our planet to become a better place.

Each small element of power we have over our own individual actions can accumulate to generate a great impact on improving our world. So let’s start changing this Earth around. Let’s preserve and restore its natural beauty and health. Let’s make this place a better world.

The Rise of the Circle Economy

Economy refers to the use of resources. All resources are consumed or used in one way or another.

In the past, the implementation of an economy that “makes, uses and disposes” has lead to massive amounts of waste. This system is not sustainable and will only continue to take our planet along the path of ruin.

A Circle Economy still allows for the use of resources but in a cyclical fashion. As an alternative method to the linear “make, use and dispose” system, the Circle Economy keeps all resources in use for the longest period of time before disposing of them in a way that benefits further resource production and allows our planet to thrive.

This type of system extracts the maximum value from each and every resource, before regenerating and replenishing it in a way that still serves humans and also the environment.

What’s The Big Deal?

Why is a Circle Economy so important? Because it gives our planet the best chance to survive, to thrive and to become a healthy place again.

Using resources more responsibly will help reduce the amount of waste on our planet, limiting the effects of landfills and incinerators which severely damage our environment. It will help us to conserve our natural elements such as wood, water and minerals – materials we need to live.

It saves energy and prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials. It also prevents the loss of Biodiversity across the globe.

If these reasons aren’t enough, a Circle Economy will increase our economic security by strengthening all domestic markets as the demand for local materials becomes our strongest asset.

Recycling is a Step Too Late

Yes, recycling is great but there are steps you can take that are even better!

It is a common misconception that placing unwanted resources in a recycle bin will eliminate waste. Yes, it can to an extent but it is the least effective form of making our planet sustainable!

So before you think of recycling, think of reducing and reusing your resources.

Reduce – Less Equals More

More things create more problems. From physical objects to even our mental processes, the greater the quantity the higher the stress and bigger the negative impact.

Whether it be in regards to our environment or simply the decisions you need to make every day, lightening the load will ease the burdens. Buying and consuming less will have a great impact on lowering demands for production. Lower the consumption and you lower the waste. Simple!

Reuse – Gifts That Keep On Giving

Value is placed on purpose. When something is designed for a specific purpose this doesn’t mean it won’t work extremely well in another way once its role is complete.

From using glass bottles and jars as light fixtures, crates as cafe chairs and Nespresso pods for growing bite-sized bunches of herbs; repurposing materials and objects is a fun way to reuse all the resources you would have otherwise thrown out.

Need to purchase something new? Well, think of “new” in an eco-friendly sense. Selecting natural fabrics and woolen shoes for your home and wardrobe are some ways to help the planet whilst still acquiring new things.

Plastic bags are a big reason environment is being poisoned and our wildlife being killed. Opt for old bags or containers instead of your throw-away plastic shopping or zip bags.

You can also invest in single purchase items that keep on giving, such as a baby food pouch. Choose to share gifts that are made of sustainable materials such as wooden sunglasses, watches and even computer products.

Recycle – What Goes Around, Comes Around

So many products these days are made by recycling used materials and goods that have been recreated into the very items you need to buy.

From coffee cups and toilet paper to clothes and furniture, buying those made from recycled materials is the better choice.

Invest in recycled good from a small to a large scale. Drink from recycled stainless steel drink bottles, practice yoga on a mat made from recycled rubber and build your home using natural wooden decking. Even everyday metal products can be recreated using recycling.

What Else Can I Do?

When you’ve maxed out your reduce, reuse, recycle options, head for biodegradable one-use products. With more and more on the market including a vast range of biodegradable bags, gardening materials, food containers and compostable cutlery, it has become a much easier choice to support our natural environment.

If you can’t eliminate waste completely, conserve resources where you can. Use energy saving LED light bulbs to light your home, water saving tap heads for your showers and sinks and make the most of free electricity with solar-powered electronics and charging stations.

It’s the little things that count. Adding up all our small changes and positive actions can make a real change to our world.

Check out the Recycling Near You website to start getting rid of your waste the right way and of course, give your much loved old yoga mats the same treatment with the Yoga Australia Recycling Initiative.