Embrace Nature’s Healing Powers For A Healthier Body And Mind

Today more than ever, the population has retreated indoors. We spend more time in our homes, in office buildings and shopping centres. The chance of looking out your window and seeing a concrete jungle as opposed to a lush green one has increased, and continues to do so as our world continues to develop.

There is a choice you can make; one that will benefit your health in so many ways. The choice to return to nature. Return to the fundamental core of this world and nourish your body and mind by getting outdoors and into the natural world.

Magnify Your Mindfulness

Being in nature, it is almost impossible not to experience some kind of meditative state. The simplicity before you –  in the trees, the water and the air – encourages you to let go of your unnecessary thoughts and focus on the beautiful moment at hand. The swish of the leaves, the tumbling of stone, the call of a bird. Such simplicity is a powerful tool to help you achieves mindfulness and enjoy a meditative state that calms you deeply.

Boost Your Activity

There’s no way around it. Heading out into nature causes you to get active. Even if it’s sitting in a beautiful garden, this act of embracing the natural world outside has removed you from your static sitting position on your couch or in your office chair. Being active outside increases your energy. The pure air fills your lungs and detoxifies your body. You feel revitalised and energetic.

Lessen Stress

Removing yourself from lesser appealing surroundings and engaging in the natural world greatly reduces depression. With calmness comes clarity, and your body and mind transform into a state of greater happiness. A state of gratitude and appreciation. This process of change actively releases stress. It lets go of any tension or pressures that you may feel upon you.

Discover An Uplifting Perspective

With less stress and greater clarity comes the ability to see things as they are. Emotions, thoughts, ideas – they become honest and pure. Nature provides you with the chance to let the things that do not serve you float away. It allows your true inner Self to outshine the ego. Connection in the Self leads to the connection with nature, and vice versa. A purely spiritual state of being. Oneness with nature will give you a perspective of life, love and connection that will nurture your mind and rejuvenate your body.

Nature’s Calling You

Whether it’s a walk through the park or hiking mountains, gardening or sitting on the balcony, wandering along the beach or simply opening the windows to let the fresh air flow inside, everyone can benefit from the medicinal properties nature offers. Finding it hard to find time to get outdoors? Bring nature to you! Place greenery in your house or office, or add a fountain of running water to maintain your connection with the natural world.

The connection with nature is strong and primal. It is the earth to which we can all connect to. Seek it out and discover a healthier, happier and calmer life.