Be Aware Of The Impact Of Your Presence

“The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions.” Chanakya


Blind To Our Impact

Whether we are aware or not, the way we interact with our world sends a message. A message that has a shallow visual form, but also is felt on a deeper level in our society. The exchange of unconscious feelings and emotions are passed from being to being, even without our knowledge.

The impact of your presence can be in the form of social interaction, or indeed no interaction at all. Sometimes the lack of interaction with others can have the most impact.

The energies that make up our being are strong. As we walk through this life we send our energy outward. We influence others. How do you think this would look if it was only negative thoughts, words and actions that tainted our energy?

Negative energy impacts the body and the mind metaphysically. It resonated on a deeper level. It has the capacity to spread, reaching the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of those around us. Ultimately spreading across the world.

Now in your mind, glimpse what that world would look like it is was absorbed in positivity. A society where the good in ourselves isn’t just unknowingly brushed off onto others but is mindfully shared to improve and support one another.

The impact of goodness is exponential. Becoming aware of the goodness you share will continue to grow like a web from one encounter to another. It multiplies with those who go on to carry it with them throughout their lives.

The Gravity of Positive Energy

If you project positivity, your energies impact others in the same way. If you feel love, you project love and in turn those around you will feel love.

This cycle is one that allows our presence to effectively flow in all directions, to all walks of life around this earth. Imagine a world where we truly share gratitude, appreciation, mindfulness, happiness and peace – where each passing of emotion amplifies it its positive impact.

Positivity can improve our perspective. We can help others find a kind and non-judgemental vision. One of honesty, that binds us all together.

It’s Just One Decision Away

You can help. Each and every one of us can make the decision to become aware and project goodness on to others.

We have the ability to spread calm. To energise others and help them feel better about themselves. Together we can lift up, feel united and instill purpose in one another.

Letting go of meaningless interactions, transforming our ignorant views, opening our eyes and our hearts to become aware. Choosing to spread love will support the positive growth of the collective consciousness – for everyone.

Create Authentic Connections

It may seem like a big task, but in reality it is coming back to basics. Simply become an observer in your own head. Firstly pay attention to others’ reactions and just notice how and what your project out into the world.

Now ask yourself; What qualities do I admire? Do I project these myself? What can help me express these qualities openly and honestly? What energies do I want in this future world?

You’ve made the decision to use the impact of your presence for good, but how do I enact this every day.

To embody those traits you admire, connect with your true Self every day. Acknowledge the true purpose you find here, your intentions. Love yourself and be in the moment, reminding yourself that above all else we are here for each other.


Being a positive presence is freeing, it is uplifting and motivating. It is infectious and you will soon see those around you reflecting your energy back to you. You will experience this gift, not only as an individual but as apart of our global society as a whole. A gift that can be returned to us all.


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu