Let Go Of What You ‘Want’ And Discover What You Have.

Once You Let Go Of What You ‘Want’, You Realise What You Have.

This concept of what we ‘want’ – our desires and the feelings that we wish we had something that we do not – never achieves anything. It is a feeling, a thought, an instinct that can bring great stress and unhappiness to our lives.

We often dwell over the future, something that is not even real, to the point where we lose ourselves in the here and now.

We rob ourselves of happiness by constantly thinking about something that does not exist.

If it causes us so much pain, why do we continue to want? Our human nature leads us to wanting. Our ego mind is persuasive and it transforms what we know as reality into an illusion.

Buddha Taught Us What Wanting And Desire Is.

It is attachment,  to physical objects, relationships, ideas, opinions, success, failure… anything and everything considered either good or bad. This attachment creates craving, longing and insecurity.

We develop a false truth that we want something to make us happier, better or somehow improved. When we do not have what we want we feel a sense of lacking. We feel a sense of loss for something that is absent in the first place! Buddha explained that desire is the root cause of human suffering.

So How Do We Overcome This Trick Our Ego Mind Plays On Us?

How do we break through the falsities that are blinding us from the true pleasure we experience in every single moment?

We need to let go of our ego selves. Releasing yourself from your ego’s wanting cultivates a free mind. A mind not weighed down with thoughts or feelings of lacking or ‘emptiness’.

It is time to step away from those desires that limit you. Open your eyes to honest visions of your life. See and experience the depth of the beauty in what you already have in reality.

Recognising Desire Is The First Step To Letting Go.

Contemplating and listening to desires help you detach from them. They simply become just things. Things that simply exist.

By recognising and detaching from your desires we are actually allowing them to be the way they are, which makes us realise desire is stagnate.

These desires can be put aside and discarded. You can let them go. They are not things that control us. They are merely thoughts that we can observe without judgement and release to float away without impacting our true selves.

Focus On Functioning In The Very Moments Of Your Daily Life.

Becoming enlightened in the moment takes power from destructive desires and wanting. See what it is that you already have; this beautiful world we live in.

The fresh air. Your health. Your kindness. The opportunity to see such beauty in the small things of life. This happiness here in these moments is pure and unwavering. It is for you and from it, you can feel so fulfilled that your nagging desires shall fade with time.

Once accomplished we let go of our ego self. We can embrace love and compassion for all in the moment. We can move towards a mind of oneness, where we are all apart of a broader happiness that ensures we feel fulfilled with what we have.