The Modern Desire For Instant Gratification

Instant expectations. We live in the ‘now’ era. Our modern world is saturated with instantaneous opportunities for more. More information, more money, more food, more friends, more experiences. 

Many have fallen into the trap of believing having more directly increases their level of happiness. However, these people may have become victims of an addiction to instant gratification.

The Feel Good Effect

We experience pleasure from our good experiences and discomfort from the bad. These biological responses have helped mankind successfully navigate through life.  

Evolution has brought us to the present day with all of our daily stresses and fast paced lifestyles. On the whole, the human race has become accustomed to fulfilling needs and wants instantaneously. If we’re hungry, we eat. If it’s raining, we move under shelter. If we’re bored, we  feed our ego mind with entertainment.

Our world has become one that refuses to wait. Even when people anticipate a more pleasurable experience long term, their evolved ego can trick them into believing they’re better off with it NOW.

Fear And Your Health

People opt for fast food instead of holding out for a nutritious meal. Some demand one yoga practice to ‘fix’ all their physical or emotional turmoils. Many even pay more money to fast track their experiences. People have come to fear waiting for their rewards.

This sense of urgency rattles their health. There is almost a sense of panic as their sense of time is altered. People experience an emotional change, becoming anxious and unhappy with their delayed gratification. They have developed the expectation that they should be happy and fulfilled now and all the time, which in turn has left them tense and depressed.

Let Go

How can we help ourselves and others out of this trap? We need to release ourselves from this burden. We need to understand that the shortcut is not always the best. To do this we need to clear our clouded vision. We need to step back from the chaos of our busy demanding world and see things for what they truly are.

Become aware. Aware of any anxiety, jealousy or impulsiveness. Take the time to slow down and look deeply into yourself. Reflect. Meditate. Breathe. Listen to yourself, your true inner Self.

Yoga and meditation are great ways to train you for these moments. You learn the skills to identify when your ego mind is persuading you. You’re able to let go of unnecessary burdens and expectations. You learn to sit with the discomfort of life and find the joy within it.

Help Us To Grow And Evolve As Happy Humans

“The key is to Be with it all with absolute acceptance.” Yogi Bhajan

We can discover more about life and ourselves from these trying moments. These lessons will help us flourish in more ways than we can imagine.

Give yourself the gift of time. A gift of being in time. Of embracing, accepting and enjoying each and every moment. Let go of anticipation and expectation and see what amazing things life is providing you now and in the future.