Quiet Time; A Little Shhh Can Do A Lot Of Good

Quiet time sounds like a luxury in this day and age. Many of us would love to have more, but feel it is out of our reach.

On the other hand, many who find themselves with some time to spare often struggle to slow down their minds enough to really enjoy their quiet time.

Removing distractive thoughts and relishing in a still mind can be difficult at first, but as you master the act of creating stillness you will experience a whole host of health benefits.

Quiet time isn’t impossible to find, and once you know how it will improve your life, you’ll be seeking out more and more throughout you daily life.

For Your Health

The mind body connection is something to marvel. Our thoughts have the power to change the physiology of our body.

Our minds are often working overtime, reacting to things that are happening in our environment, processing millions of ideas and performing countless tasks. When the brain is stressed in this way your body responds, and you find your whole being in a stressed state.

High blood pressures, muscular tension, headaches and exhaustion. The way to combat an overworked body is to provide the brain with relief. Gift the mind with a break.

Quiet time is that gift. It is the chance for your body to repair, recover and rejuvenate. Quiet time is nourishes our cells and has a knock on effect of boosting our quality of life.

Become Aware

It is amazing how we can become so distracted. Have you ever performed a task with your mind completely disconnected? Like driving your car and arriving, not even realising or taking notice of the journey to your destination.

This can happen to a busy mind on a larger scale. When we do not take the time to become aware of surroundings, we miss it. Life goes by and we are left continuing along the spiral of meaningless thoughts and actions, missing amazing experiences that we so wish we had.

To make deeper connections, train you mind for quiet time. Focus on becoming aware of the things around you. The sounds, the feelings in your body, the sensations on your skin or the smells in the air.

Even when completing a restful activity, like painting, listening to music or soaking up an incredible view, don’t let your thoughts take over. Change the focus to awareness.

Take the time to look at something in detail. You will notice the beautiful intricacies of patterns in nature, the incredible craftsmanship in items around your home and the pleasures in so many simple things such as shadows and sunlight.

Being mindfully aware brings you joy that is pure and simple. It improves your mood and puts things in perspective.

Sort your thoughts

When your mind is full of confused thoughts, you feel agitated, lost and overwhelmed. This is never a good state of mind to be in when considering daily decisions, and especially when making those bigger decisions that can greatly impact your life.

Quiet time helps us sort through our thoughts. We can devote time and energy to coming to peace with what we are thinking. We can calm the mind to think clearly. This is the best recipe for making decisions that serve our true being.

By removing distractions and taking the focus within, we can understand our true self and the journey we are experiencing at that point in time. With this clarity we can choose to act in a way that is the most beneficial.

In essence, quiet time helps us prepare for life. Prepare us to make the decisions that allow us to live the life we believe in.

Take What Quiet Time Gives You

As you pull away the layers and clear your mind you will find a deep appreciation. A sense of calm and truth will come to the surface and you will find it easy, if not completely natural, to feel such great gratitude for all that is.

Creating space in your day for quiet time will give you a healthier body and deeper mental clarity. It will help you break away from negativity and reveal a blissful calmness. A place that highlights this wonderful life and helps you bring that happiness and appreciation into every day.