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A few of our success stories...

Tania B

About a year ago I joined the semi-private pilates classes at Yoga Harmony in Bedford. In the past I’ve joined gyms, but have always ditched them when it got too hard, lost motivation and became totally bored. This is the first time I’ve found a class that I truly enjoy and have stuck with. 

What I like about these sessions is that even though there are 3-4 of us in a group, the instructor is able to tailor each session for each client based on their individual needs. The class size is small enough that we are still able to have a lot of individual attention during each session.

The classes are physically and mentally challenging, particularly if you’re new to Pilates like myself. My muscles and my brain needed to re-train in order to get results. Over time, I can feel the changes in my body as I work muscles I never even knew I had! Who knew I had a core hidden somewhere? 

The instructors are firm but also very sympathetic and compassionate. Going to regular classes with other like-minded clients have resulted in wonderful friendships that have developed positively over time. 

I thoroughly recommend semi-private Pilates classes at Yoga Harmony. 

Blanche H

A huge thank you to the Yoga Harmony team for all your hard work in helping me improve my flexibility and my muscle strength. Your Pilates classes have helped me immensely with my back problems. 

I am now feeling a lot stronger and my back pain is so much better. I am almost pain free. I can move around a lot more easily and do so much more than I have been able to for months. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me. 

Thank you again!

Cathy W

After moving to a nearby suburb I was looking for somewhere to do Pilates. Almost 12 months ago I discovered Yoga Harmony Perth and I haven’t looked back.

My story started with a fractured kneecap a few years ago which was diagnosed then undiagnosed then diagnosed (over 18 months) and an operation performed. I had tried Pilates where I was living. When I walked into my first appointment at Yoga Harmony with Tatjana I was still limping and very limited in movement with my right knee. 

My rehabilitation Pilates with the Yoga Harmony team has been awesome. Their patience, knowledge and expertise have helped me learn how to use my core and understand my body to help the healing process. Now 90% of the time I walk without a limp (haven’t been limp free for 5 years). I have also changed my body shape and am slowly losing weight. I am now doing exercises that I would never have thought I would ever be able to do. 

Yoga Harmony not only has Rehabilitation  Pilates classes but also mat Pilates and yoga. They also run healing workshops from time to time. Something for everyone and all ages.

The staff at Yoga Harmony are friendly and helpful. I can’t thank them enough.

We can't wait to meet you!

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