9 Reasons You Should Start Dry Skin Brushing Today!

Dry Skin brushing is a process based on ancient Ayurveda cleansing philosophies. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and one that takes a big hit in terms of wear and tear. Dry Skin brushing can bring you an amazing array of health benefits, through little effort and a pleasurable experience!


Here are the top 9 reasons you should start dry skin brushing today!


  • It removes waste

Your body rids itself of impurities and accumulated waste through your skin. Dry brushing keeps the skin open and assists in the process of excreting toxins your body collects. Approximately one third of the unwanted substance in your body are removed through the skin, and failure to do so can contribute to various illnesses.


  • It improves absorption

Your skin is a two-way street. Not only does it excrete unwanted substances, it also draws in necessary elements for your body to thrive. Opening the skin through the process of dry brushing allows the organ to breathe more effectively and take up essential nutrients and oxygen.


  • It helps blood flow

Stimulating the skin with dry brushing increases the circulation of blood around your body. This brings an array of health benefits including effective toxin removal, greater flow of energy and efficient transfer of essential nutrients in the blood to the rest of your body.


  • It stimulates the lymphatic system

The lymphatic systems delivers white blood cells around your body to fight infections and boost your immunity. Unlike the circulatory system that uses the heart as a pump, the lymphatic system relies on external pressures, such as muscle movement and massage, to push the white blood cells around the body. The pressure and motion from dry brushing can achieve this and effectively support you lymphatic system in warding off illness.


  • It clears your pores

Pores are tiny gateways that regulate the amount of oil in the layers of your skin. They appear on the most outer layer of skin and can be an attractive breeding ground for bacteria if left clogged. Dry skin brushing keeps your pores clear and free of debris, aiding your body’s cleansing processes and keeping you looking fresh.


  • It stimulates your sweat and oil glands

The skin requires a balance. If too much oil and water is excreted, your skin is left dry, brittle and damaged. Dry skin brushing stimulates your sweat and oil glands, keeping them activated and functional when required. Ensuring your glands are in working order and able to bring moisture to your skin when needed means your skin will be healthier and you will experience less breakouts.


  • It improves appearance of cellulite

When toxins are stagnate in the body, they break down bodily tissue. This decomposition can lead to cellulite, the lumpy appearance in deeper layers of the skin. Although there is no evidence for long term eradication of cellulite, dry skin brushing is known to improve its appearance short term through increased circulation and the encouragement of moisture and nutrient flow to the area.


  • It assists aging skin

As we grow older our bodily processes tire overtime, including the act of shedding the layers of dead skin cells we accumulate on a daily basis. If left to build up, the layer of dead cells can result in dry, thick and cracked skin. By effectively removing dead cells, dry skin brushing helps keep your skin looking vibrant and youthful.


  • It feels amazing

Aside from all the physiological benefits, dry skin brushing is extremely therapeutic. The soothing and calming feeling as the brush smooths over your skin is just like an active meditation or personal mindful massage. Creating a sense of relaxation and contentment that reduces stress in the body delivers great health benefits to the mental and emotional body as well.


Eager to gain all these benefits and more? Here’s how to set up a routine that will boost your body’s health, inside and out.

Make sure you purchase the right equipment. Find a firm brush with natural bristles. When brushing the skin, move in a sweeping motion. Direct the circular, sweeping motions towards the heart, moving from your fingers, toes and limbs in towards the centre of your chest.

Some research states dry skin brushing in the morning is ideal as the process energises your skin and body, however, it is important to establish your practice at a time and in a place that is calming and comfortable for you.

Adding a small drop of natural oil onto the brush prior to brushing can help if your skin is irritated or sensitive. If you decide to brush your face, be aware that dry skin brushing and other exfoliating methods on your delicate facial skin can cause fine damage. Choose one method or the other, no more than three times a week, and ease up on the amount of pressure you apply.

The whole process should be gentle, soothing and performed in a mindful manner, taking anywhere from 5 – 10 mins. A simply short amount of time to take that extra care for your body, and to make you feel a hundred times more amazing.

We here at Yoga Harmony can help if you have any questions about establishing your dry skin brushing routine, so come and say hello!