5 Reasons You Need Pilates In Your Life

Are you on the hunt for ways to get fitter and improve your health?

There are a ridiculous amount of diets, exercise programs, workout contraptions, “miracle formulas,” supplements, and probably some kind of voodoo ritual that people on the internet will try to sell to you.

Let’s be honest with ourselves we all know most of it is complete nonsense.

Despite all of the misinformation that’s out there, getting in shape is actually pretty simple. If you eat healthy foods, avoid junk foods and get plenty of exercise, you’ll get in shape in short order.

One of the most versatile, effective, time-tested and accessible ways to work out is with Pilates. Here are five reasons to choose Pilates…

1. Core Strengthen

Pilates focuses on exercises which are strengthening for your core muscles. That means mainly dealing with the muscle groups around the abdomen and lower back. The core muscles are what the remaining muscle strength in your body, hinges on. (They’re also the muscles that make people look sexy when they are well toned.)  If you want abs like people on magazine covers, then core muscle exercises are what you’ll want to practice.

2. Flexibility

As people get older, (or live longer, as I like to say it,) the body seems to weaken and become more prone to injury. One of the best ways to prevent this is to maintain flexibility. It’s never too late to reverse stiffness (take at look at this amazing story of an 85-year-old woman who cured her spinal issues) but it’s far easier to keep as flexible as you can!

3. Social Activity

Most people get started with Pilates by taking classes. What’s great is that after you’ve received some instruction, you can practice your new found skills between classes, almost anywhere that you can lay down a mat. Classes are an opportunity to get out of the house and participate in a fun activity with like-minded people.

4. Energy

Tired of feeling tired? It may seem counter-intuitive, but the best way to feel less tired is to tire yourself out with exercise. Pilates will do just that for you. You’ll enjoy feeling vibrant and energised.

5. Efficiency

Spending time on your body each day through Pilates is an efficient way to remain in touch with your body, and get fit and flexible at the same time. Lack of time has been the excuse of countless people to skip out on exercise. When you’re really tight for time you can avoid travelling to class and simply practice Pilates at home. There are complete exercise routines in Pilates that will work out your entire body without having to go to a gym or use weights and equipment. The exercises are concise and efficient, the time is efficient, and the cost is efficient. If you want to maintain your shape, your fitness and flexibility, but have a busy lifestyle, Pilates could be an ideal choice.