Suffering from Back Pain? Pilates Is The Miracle Treatment For You

Back Pain Is More Than Just Physical Pain

Back pain can really affect how you live your life and the perspective from which you view the world. This debilitating and often chronic condition not only wreaks havoc on your body but can taint your mind. Battling with pain in your lower back can result in feeling depressed, let down and fed up.

Pilates, A Miracle Method

The cause of back pain is due to damage that has occurred either in the muscle, connective tissues or the bone structure making up the spine or hips. These issues can cause weakness in the muscular tissues and misalignment of joints, leading to the progression of further injury and pain.

Pilates is a fantastic practice which can combat your back pain. It acts to create neutral align of the spine and strengthen deep muscles that control your posture. Pilates conditions and adjusts your muscles and bones to create correct and pain free alignment.

Not only does Pilates correct past injuries and alignment issues, it teaches us about body awareness. You learn the natural habitual movements that preserve your posture and reduce stress on the spine. This awareness gives you the power to prevent further injury and eliminate pain.

What The Research Tells Us

Pilates is a thoroughly researched practice, and all the conclusive evidence reveals just how amazing this method is for building and maintaining a healthy body.

In a study conducted by the Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Unit and Department of Biomedical Science at the University of Palermo, Italy, medical doctors and researchers discovered just how beneficial a Pilates program is for treating back pain.

They conclude “compared with no treatment, minimal intervention, other types of intervention, or other types of exercises [our findings] clearly demonstrates the efficacy of a specific Pilates exercise program over another in the treatment of chronic pain”.

In addition to being the stand out method for treating and preventing back pain, they also found Pilates participants were half as likely to continue with pain medication compared to the control group who were not engaging in Pilates.

Pilates helps people from all walks of life, including athletes suffering from sports related injuries, elderly people experiencing skeletal pains and pregnant mothers whose bodies are adjusting to added weight and pressure on their hips and spinal joints. Pilates is a miracle method for anyone, whether the goals are rehabilitation or advancing functional performance.

3 Pilates Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Every body is different and constantly changing, so check in with a professional to ensure these exercises are right for you.

1. Pelvic TiltPelvic Tilt Back Pain Pilates

  • Lay on the mat
  • Activate your core muscles
  • Gently push you lower spine into the mat
  • Slowly tilt your pelvis upwards
  • Slowly roll your pelvis back down into neutral


2. Kneeling Arm and Leg Reachleg extension back pain pilates

  • Start on hands and knees
  • Activate your core muscles
  • Extend one leg behind you
  • Keep your hips level
  • Repeat with the other leg

3. Modified Open Leg Balanceopen leg balance back pain pilates

  • Lay down
  • Activate your core muscles, lifting upper body slightly
  • Extend one leg, keeping the other foot on the ground
  • Option – use the Magic Circle to activate further into the hip joints and stablising legs muscles

Pilates At Yoga Harmony

Yoga Harmony tailors pilates exercises for each individual. Whether your are looking for a helping hand with your rehab program or are looking for fitness results, we can help you improve your body’s individual condition with pilates.

Come along to the free Pilates intro class next weekend! You can check out our great equipment based Pilates classes as well as meet our fabulous teachers and members.

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