The Benefits Of Pilates For The Plus Sized Body

Pilates is for everyone.

Unlike most forms of exercise Pilates doesn’t care about your age, your weight or your fitness level.

Pilates is available to anyone who wants to build strength, increase flexibility and tone muscles.

Pilates is particularly good for plus sized bodies. Our Pilates classes at Yoga Harmony are designed for everybody’s body. We’ve found our plus sized students achieve great results.

If you’re thinking about taking up Pilates we have lots of information available to you… (you can read all of our articles here)

Here are the main benefits of Pilates for the plus sized body:

Pilates is not about losing weight.

In Pilates classes we don’t count calories or try to beat personal bests. Pilates specialises in strengthening and challenging our muscles.

The Pilates exercises were originally designed to help rehabilitate people with injuries or muscles strains.

A plus sized body is likely to have more tensions and muscles strains. Pilates can release these tensions and teach you how to stretch out muscles properly.

The exercises in Pilates routines are extremely beneficial to plus sized students as they work on rarely used sets of muscles.

plus sized pilates

Pilates is great for building muscle strength

All Pilates exercises focus on balancing the body meaning that you always get a full body work out and no muscle group is forgotten.

This full body approach to exercise helps strengthen muscles without straining or over using particular muscle groups.

The main benefit of Pilates for plus sized students is that it creates a body awareness. As you work through your muscles sets you become aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and how to adapt them to your needs.

Every type of body needs to be cared for. Your body needs you to pay attention and look after your muscles.

If you have a low fitness level, breathing techniques help you build up confidence and work through sets of exercises.

Breathing techniques are also a great stress reliever and help us to de-clutter our minds.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the world and to focus on ourselves and our well being…

The strengthening aspect of Pilates is also very important for plus sized students. Learning how to correct your posture and to correctly hold your weight can stop aches and pains. Correcting spinal alignment balances the body and the distribution of weight.

pilates class yoga harmony

Pilates has benefits for everyone

If you are plus sized and find that you are developing aches or pains or suffering from bad posture Pilates could help you.

Pilates allows you to be in control of your own body. Whatever your reason for starting Pilates or goal you are hoping to achieve your Pilates instructor can always help you. Every Pilates course is┬ádesigned for the individual student’s needs.

Whatever your size Pilates can help you maintain a healthy mind and body. There is no reason to be nervous or let something hold you back from starting a class.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below…