Pilates and your mind

Pilates and Your Mind

Pilates isn’t all sweat and muscle burn… well, that is a big part of it. But did you know, whilst your routine is conditioning your muscles it is also enhancing your mind?

Pilates is a truly unique form of exercise. It is adaptable to provide every body with the appropriate level of physical demand to improve our bodies yet it also changes us on a deeper level.

Its ability to make improvements to ourselves by transcending the layers of the body allows it to promote total health and vitality.

Pilates Trains Your Brain

Most often, as we go about our daily lives, our body works on autopilot. Many of us rarely stop to think of what is going on in the world of our internal body.

Pilates not only helps you to stop and take a closer look at yourself, but it requires you to do so. To complete postures and movements in a Pilates routine your need an internally focused mind.

Fostering this skill is how you can begin to train your brain to look inward. To see the subtle changes within oneself and to start to realise the intricacies of what makes up a whole, healthy body.  

Pilates Can Tame Your Stress

Training your brain to recognise these changes helps you to further understand when subtle shifts take place and how to deal with them before they become out of control.

There is a myriad of physical symptoms that are caused by stress. And in turn, stress can be caused by the same physical symptoms. As you probably have experienced, a headache can be both the result and cause of stress in our daily lives.

Pilates helps you to understand what state both your mind and body are in. By seeing the signs of stress in the body during your sessions you can actively assess and treat the situation.

Pilates works to ease tension – muscular or otherwise – and allows you to soothe stress before it takes hold. Breathing, stretching and strengthening are all tools in your Pilates toolkit that can help you combat stress before it has a chance to do further damage.

Pilates Gives You Emotional Control

Pilates can go further than just relieving stress. Deeper exploration throughout your Pilates routines can help you explore deeper and show you just how closely linked your physical and emotional states are.

By accessing and encouraging deeper muscle activation, Pilates can enhance how your body functions on a fundamental level. This includes improving your Nervous System.

Emotions are strongly tied to our nervous system. Our ‘fight or flight’ response is a strong indicator of this, as is the way our Parasympathetic Nervous System controls how well we can relax and heal our bodies.

Pilates gives us access to the systems, inevitably giving us more sense of control over them and our emotional state. By bringing the physical body and the emotional self together through Pilates you can acquire a greater sense of calm, rejuvenation and vitality.

Your Pilates routine will help you let go of anxiety and negativity and gift you with a more positive mindset. It will help treat insomnia, chronic pain and addictive behaviours. It will uncover your creative thinking and promote greater enthusiasm and happiness.

Pilates Transforms Your Attitude

Pilates uncovers your layers and by doing so will unearth the real you. By discovering and nourishing your emotional self in addition to conditioning your body, you learn to love what you find. Your confidence and self-appreciation are revealed.

This is how Pilates teaches you to be you. It strips your mind of any illusions and goes on to provide a lens through which you can see this world. Along with a healthy body, Pilates allows you to experience life honestly and with a brightened attitude!