Pilates For Men

Pilates is not just for the girls.

Research shows that despite the popularity amongst women it is actually far more beneficial for the male body.

This is because the male body goes through far more stresses and strains than a females and it’s often not as well looked after.

Pilates for men

Pilates can help men to build core strength.

Sorry if that statement sounds ridiculously sexist…

We do understand that nothing compares to the stresses and strains of something like say childbirth…

But we’re working on every day averages here…

It’s a fact that there is a much larger proportion of males working in industries that require heavy manual labour and that most male dominated sports are more contact heavy than most female dominated sports.

It’s also an unfortunate fact that men are generally less likely to seek medical help for aches and pains as our society views injuries as a weakness associated to females.

When was the last time you heard someone say ‘man up?’?

Pilates is a great way to ‘man up’ and learn how to take care of your own body. It allows you to take control of your muscles and work out what works best for you and how you canĀ mendĀ yourself.

Each set of controlled movements is perfectly balanced meaning your whole body is worked at the same pace and you can trouble shoot the areas giving you the most hassle.

It is particularly amazing at helping you to release tensions in your back muscles as Pilates aims to correct posture and spinal alignment.

Conditioning yourself through controlled exercises to adopt proper posture is one of the easiest ways to end chronic back ache without having to see an expensive physiotherapist or chiropractor.

And whilst most weight training programs for men focus on pushing your muscles to the limits and working your body hard.

Pilates for men achieves the same results without the damage or muscle stress. Usually we say Pilates is more gentle…

It’s not really though (gentle is just a nice euphemism that sounds good in articles…) Pilates is just as tough as any other work out.

However the movements are much more natural and fluid so it doesn’t feel as harsh as traditional weight resistance training.

Pilates for men

Joseph Pilates was way ahead of his time.

Because you are always moving, your muscles are already warmed and you’re only working against your own resistance it is much safer than muscle damaging work outs that focus only on strength building.

Rather than focusing on building muscles in size, the aim is to strengthen and nourish your body at your own individual pace. The exercises are extremely adaptable and your instructor can always work around existing injuries.

Pilates was actually invented to help injured athletes to maintain their physical fitness whilst recovering. So it’s a really good option if you are looking for rehabilitate exercise plans.

And for those who sneer at the idea of Pilates for men it’s worth mentioning that Joseph Pilates’ first patients were… men.

He came up with his resistant training and muscle control ideas firstly while working with injured (male) soldiers in a prisoner of war camp!

Although you don’t have to be a man to feel the full benefits...

Pilates is available to anyone who needs some help maintaining their physical fitness. It doesn’t matter your age, weight or body type there is always a place you can start.

Let us know how Pilates has helped you in the comments below…