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Rehab Vs Mat and Reformer Pilates – What’s the difference?

Rehab Pilates

Rehab Pilates is designed to cater for an individual’s need to rehabilitate their body. Every body in this world is different and as we progress through our lives our bodies experience their own unique tweaks, aches, pains and weaknesses.

Rehab Pilates allows you to engage in a personalised program and directly treats issues you may be experiencing.

What does a Rehab Pilates class look like?

A Rehab Pilates class consists of a small group of people who are working out at the same time, however, they are each separately following individualised programs.

For example, one class member has tight shoulders. They will be completing a set routine that has been tailored to improve their shoulder and thoracic mobility. Another class member has lower back pain. They will be engaging in a routine that focuses on recruiting the correct muscles around the hips and improving lumber function.

Every member of the Rehab Pilates class works at their own pace. The more experienced may work faster whilst new members may take more time doing similar exercises. It doesn’t matter – a Rehab Pilates class allows you to focus on your own healing at your own pace.

What’s so great about Rehab Pilates?

The best part about attending a Rehab Pilates class is that everybody receives individual instructions. This greatly enhances your learning in relation to understanding your body’s condition and how you can treat it with care and expert guidance.  

The intimate setting of these small classes provides a warm, welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Although there is deep care provided for our clients to ensure their progress individually, it is also a lot of fun sharing your personal progress with others.

No wonder Rehab Pilates is the most popular form of Pilates class at our studio!

Reformer and Mat Pilates

Reformer and Mat Pilates bring together people to improve their health and wellbeing.

These classes are designed to cater for a group of people who follow a set routine that can include the use of various props. These props range from simple objects such as a mat, ball, bosu or bands to more complex contraptions such as the Pilates Reformer machine.   

What do Reformer and Mat Pilates classes look like?

The number of members in a Reformer or Mat Pilates class is larger compared to a Rehab Pilates class; anywhere from 5 to 20 attendees. Everyone works at the same pace, following the same instructions and performing the same exercises.

Although the Pilates teacher will still monitor and care for each member individually as they observe the room, they aim to guide the class as a whole to progress through the routine as one.

What’s so great about Reformer and Mat Pilates?

Reformer and Mat Pilates encourages people to come together to improve their general health. The group format is social and leaves you feeling part of a motivated and enthusiastic team. These classes help you to focus on building your holistic health and condition your physical fitness.

Why not give Rehab, Mat and Reformer Pilates a try? Drop into the Yoga Harmony studio today and talk with us to find out which style of Pilates class is perfect for you!