Living a Better Life; 6 Benefits of Pilates

From high performing athletes to corporate businessmen and the couple you pass on your daily walk – each and every one of us can experience the powerful benefits Pilates has to offer.

We know our Pilates practice can change our bodies in great ways, but do you know how it can also reshape our entire lives for the better?

6 Benefits of Pilates

Create a Strong Core

Pilates brings a healthy intensity to the muscles of the body, allowing them to build in strength and support our bones and joints.

The core muscles in the torso of our body are our powerhouse, meaning they are used in nearly every movement our bodies make. These muscles act as our foundation and when they are strong and healthy can greatly enhance how our bodies perform.

With a strong core we can become stronger, move easier, feel better and support our bodies from the inside out.

Improve Posture

Not only does building a stronger core provide greater power and injury prevention but, as a result, we see improved spinal alignment and posture.

This correction of our bone structure does more than just make us stand up straight. When the bones of the body are in an appropriate alignment, our whole body moves more effectively and efficiently.

Many pains and injuries occur when muscles are compensating for other muscles. If one muscle is functioning incorrectly due to a misaligned joint or muscular tension, another muscle has to work even harder to take over its job. The overworked muscle can also become sore and weak, creating double the amount of problems!

Improving your posture releases you from those aches and pains, especially in your back, and allows your body to move in a healthy way. Think more power for the weak, greater stability for the elderly and less restriction and pain for the injured.

Build Body Awareness

Pilates is like a window into the body. Your practice requires you to bring your mind under your skin and really get to understand what is happening beneath the surface. This increase in body awareness helps you acknowledge what your body needs and allows for it to respond more naturally to changes it experiences.

This advancement of awareness in the physical body improves your coordination and balance. It instils a sense of appreciation for the truly incredible beings we are and builds a sense a liveliness within. You have the ability to feel more alive and connected.

The routine’s adaptable nature means anyone, including pregnant women and those returning from injury, can benefit greatly from a more acute sense of body awareness.

Get Better at Everything!

Did you know your regular Pilates practice literally helps you with everything else you do! It improves the quality of your body from your muscles and bones to your organs and cells. This allows you to build a body that is more adept at life.

Whatever your daily routine entails, Pilates can make your body able to function better and with greater ease. It improves physical performance which supports other types of sports or exercise, as well as making it easier to walk up stairs, play with your child or relax without aches or pains.

Achieve Control in Life

Society today does not serve well for the development of focus. With endless distractions and pressures weighing down on us, our minds are often all over the place.

Pilates is a practice that cultivates great focus. This skill is a golden ticket for your health, bringing you greater ability to concentrate in all areas of your life. Whether it is the need for greater brainpower at work, emotional connection with loved ones or mental clarity for your own self esteem, the focus that Pilates teaches you will help you succeed.

Optimise Your Recovery

Injuries and illnesses literally bring our bodies, and lives, to a halt. With such a substantial negative impact on our physical and mental health, initiating and progressing down a path towards recovery is vital.

Pilates aids in weight loss, builds lean muscle, improves your bone and joint health, detoxes your body and helps you to release stress. Talk about improving your holistic health! Pilates is gentle yet challenging, giving you the ability to design a unique path that will support you on your journey to recovery and ultimately help you design a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

Physical, mental, emotional – is  there is something holding you back? Embrace Pilates to enhance your body, focus your mind and lift your mood. Let it bring you back to a healthy state of body and mind.