How To Relieve The 4 Types Of Headache With Pilates

Headaches are a disruptive problem that affects 1 in 3 Australian adults.

If you suffer from recurring headaches, Pilates could help you.

Regular Pilates strengthens the body and helps to combat aches and ailments. Many find Pilates can relieve headache pain and stop aches returning…

Here is how Pilates can relieve the 4 types of headaches:

#1. Tension Headaches.

The most common type of headache. This is a constant ache or feeling of pressure. Tension headaches focus on the back of the head, top of the neck or at the temples.

Most tension headaches are caused by incorrect spinal alignment or bad posture. Too much pressure on certain muscles or nerves causes a domino effect in our bodies. Pain or aches travel from an area of stress to another weak point.

Pilates corrects bad posture and readjusts your spine to a healthy position. This stops pressure on muscles and nerves that cause your head and neck to ache.

Regular Pilates sessions strengthen back muscles. A strong back supports the neck and head without creating tension or headaches.

#2. Cluster Headaches.

Cluster headaches are a group of headaches that come in cycles over the course of a few days. During an attack of cluster headaches you feel intense pain on one side of the head and possibly watery eyes or a runny nose.

Stress can be a trigger for people who suffer from cluster headaches. Pilates helps limit stress through calming exercises which relax the body and the mind. The focus required when practising Pilates helps to distract from mental disruption.

The best way to relieve a cluster headache is to ensure your body is getting enough oxygen. Opening the airways and breathing natural air is an amazing pain reliever. Pilates helps to build efficient breathing patterns that you can apply to every day life.

#3. Sinus Headaches.

Inflamed sinuses from an infection or an allergy cause a lot of pain. Sinus headaches create tension mainly between the eyes and around your forehead.

The best way to prevent sinus headaches is to keep in good health. Pilates has many health benefits, it is one of the best exercises for general well being. Surveys have shown that people who regularly practice Pilates are less prone to sickness than those who don’t. Pilates works on the whole body and helps to keep you healthy.

A Pilates work out is a great way to feel rejuvenated.

#4. Migraine headaches

Migraines cause a throbbing like pain all over the head, nausea and disturbed vision.

There is medication available for chronic migraines however for most people this is not an option.

Pilates can help to decrease the frequency of migraines and give you the tools to deal with migraine pain.

Pilates stretches increase the blood flow around the body pulling more oxygen to places that need it. This increased blood flow helps our organs to function and our body to run more smoothly. Regular Pilates sessions help to strengthen our bodies natural defences against recurring illnesses like migraines.

The breathing techniques taught in Pilates sessions can be extremely helpful for pain relief and distracting the mind. When dealing with a migraine you will find the pain will ease the more the body relaxes. Repeating techniques you have learned in Pilates classes will help to calm your body.

Pilates is a great way of exercising and looking after your body. With regular Pilates sessions you will quickly see results. Your body will become much stronger and you’ll feel much healthier than before.

If you suffer from any of these headaches it is worth trying Pilates. You will be surprised how quickly you feel the results from Pilates sessions.

Unlike other exercises Pilates helps to rehabilitate and works to your own strengths. There is no reason to be nervous about Pilates, it could help you a lot!

Has Pilates helped your headaches? Let us know your experiences in the comments below…