22 min for

  • Getting to know each other
  • Targetting, identifying and investigating the major challenge points and discussing the solution


1 hour for

  • If you are unsure which program to sign up for and would prefer to work with me session by session to improve or rebalance any health concerns.
  • Or perhaps would like some help to put together a supplement plan, the proper exercise routine, the right meal plan and slowly learn how to become a little more healthy.


1 month program


  • 21-day Functional medicine detox (value $500)
  • 3 x 30 min consultations
    Week one: how to prepare for success
    Week two: discussing any possible challenges
    Week four: how to implement the new healthy ways of living into daily life
  • Personalised supplement plan to optimise vitality and anti-aging
  • Personalised eating and movement/exercise plan
  • Ongoing what’s app message support for 1-month
  • Support through Wellness Community FB page


6 month package


  • 21-day functional medicine detox (value $500)
  • 2x advanced functional medicine lab test (value of $900)
  • 5 x one-hour consultations, including 2 private online embodiment sessions based on your individual request. (fully guided)
  • Lab analyses
  • Follow up emails detailing what we have discussed and homework
  • Written templates for life-changing maintenance plans to continue body, mind and spirit balance
  • Gut health protocols to finally completely restore your gut health and revolutionise your entire immunity
  • Sleep protocols because sleep is a central part of repairing and harmonising the body
  • Hormone rebalancing for anti-aging and the regeneration of energy production, libido
  • Individualised exercise movement plans tailored to suit your needs, personality and lifestyle
  • Food guidelines (and recipes) to support clean, healthy and delicious meals
  • Personalised supplement plan so that there is no more guessing and you become your own Molecular specialist to support all the bio functions of the body
  • Ayurvedic anti-aging tools to keep your body naturally beautiful
  • Dosha analysis and recommendations for your individual typology
  • Ongoing unlimited message support for 6 months
  • Support through wellness community FB page

*This package is excluding additional supplements