Self Neglect; Are You Only Conditioning Your Physical Body?

“We learn through our spiritual path that ‘FEELING’ is paramount to healing and to being whole. It is through FEELING all aspects of our self that we and our lives become complete”.

These great words come from Carrie-Anne Fields, founder of My Health Yoga. Her message supports the notion that understanding our emotions can allow us to experience greater holistic health. As outlined in my previous blog, we know bottling up emotions is bad, but just what exactly is going on and how can we ‘fix’ ourselves on a deeper level?

Our bodies have layers consisting of our spiritual self, mental self, emotional self and our physical body. These layers are all linked and act as a filtering system from one to the next. Once you understand how these layers interact you can truly marvel at how amazing the human body is. For example, experiencing high levels of nervousness in our emotional self filters into our physical layer, resulting in physical cramping or nauseousness in our gut. Experiencing an overload of mental thoughts can result in exhausted muscles, even if we were only sitting in a chair all day and our bodies were mostly inactive.

Fields uses the world ‘dis-ease’. I love this term as it explains exactly what can happen on all layers of our self. Disease in our physical body can reflect ‘dis-ease’ in our metaphysical bodies (spiritual, mental and emotional bodies). “Being that our physical and metaphysical bodies are inextricably linked” states Fields, “we cannot ignore what the physical body symbolically tells us about our inner state. It is said that the physical body is the final ‘layer’ for a problem to manifest”.

So when we are experiencing pain, irritation or discomfort in our body, we may have been harbouring imbalances in our metaphysical bodies for a long time prior. But we have the power to break this cycle. Becoming emotionally intelligent and understanding your feelings on all layers of your body is a way to resolve issues before they escalate into a physical ailment that bring your life to a halt.

“Yoga assists us with moving into stillness in order to firstly become aware of any spiritual, mental or emotional imbalances and secondly to transform these imbalances” says Fields. Yoga is a fantastic tool to help you mend all layers of your being, as it directly interacts with not only your physical body, but your whole self, including your metaphysical layers.

Have you ever felt the urge to cry during a yoga class? Or experienced an overwhelming release of emotion? This is a wonderful thing and simply means you are opening and unblocking pathways that flow through the physical and metaphysical layers. “Opening your joints and working on surrendering to your breath [allows] you to release old stale energy that we carry for decades at times”. As Fields suggests, this process of cleansing your body through yoga can help eliminate current metaphysical imbalances as well as deeper issues held onto from the past.

So praise any tiny tear drops that fall on your mat because it means not only are you ‘doing’ yoga to benefit your physical body, but you are conditioning and nourishing your mind and soul. You are experiencing what the word ‘yoga’ means at it’s heart. To connect. Connect with your holistic self on all levels and experience health and happiness like never before.