Can Yoga Instantly Cure Insomnia?

You restlessly toss and turn in your bed. You try not to look at your clock, but every time you look, more time has passed by – another hour of sleep lost.

Your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts, preparations and to-do lists. Most people run through a play by play of the day that has just passed and try to foresee the day to come.

While this may be productive for a few minutes, it’s not something we should dwell on, as it is far more important to rest. Yoga has proven a very effective natural remedy for insomnia. In fact, by using a short in-bed routine, you can almost instantly cure your insomnia.

Before you begin

Before beginning your regime, get yourself ready for bed. Turn off any digital screens and dim the lights. If you find it relaxes you, put on some meditation music. Get in some comfortable pyjamas that will allow you to stretch. Sit in a comfortable spot on your bed in a cross-legged seated position. Try to get in a position were you can gently lean back into your pillows or headboard.

Brief meditation

Slowly shut your eyes and lay your hands on your thighs. Some people prefer to lay their hands palm down, resting their palms gently over their knees. Another option it to adopt a conventional mediation mudra (hand position). The best mudra to use is Vaayu Mudra for calmness. For this mudra, touch the tip of your index finger at the base of your thumb and rest your thumb against the index finger. Stay in this position and simply let yourself breathe for five minutes or so. Try to distance thoughts from your mind and simply focus on your breathing.

Seated twist

Remain in the same cross-legged seated position, then breathe in and out once very deeply. Then sit up as straight and tall as you can. As you exhale, twist your entire torso to the left-hand side. If you find this difficult, try to position yourself so you can leverage yourself gently on a headboard or bedside table. Remain in this twisted position for a few moments, breathing in and out deeply a number of times. Exhale deeply as you return to your original forward-facing position and then inhale once again. Then repeat the process again, but this time turning to your right as you twist.

Seated bend

Remain in your cross-legged seated position and then gently bend forward using your hips. Reach out your hands as far as is comfortable in front of you. Stay in this pose while you inhale and exhale deeply a few times. Try to focus on the stretching feeling spreading in your hips and back. Gently change your leg positioning, by slowly extending your legs out in front of you. Inhale deeply and sit up as tall as you can. As you exhale, reach out and grab your feet. Bend your knees as much as you need to, in order to keep your back flat and to reduce tension.

Reclining twist

Slowly lay down onto your back. Inhale deeply and then hug your right knee into the centre of your chest. Exhale and then twist your leg across your entire body to the left-hand side. Ensure that you turn your head slowly to to the right. Extend your right arm straight out to the side, while resting your left hand on your right knee. Remain in this position for a few deep breaths, then repeat the process by twisting to the right-hand side.

Corpse pose

Lie down as straight and flat as you can on your back. Extend both of your legs and both of your arms out straight until you find it comfortable. Relax all of your muscles and allow your ankles to roll to the sides. Keep your palms facing upwards and rest in this position for as long as you like. Many people who sleep on their back find that they drift off to sleep from here, but if you sleep on your side or stomach, feel free to roll over when you feel sleep approaching.