Mindful Movement- Your Most Effective Natural Antidepressant

The medical industry has known for some time just how beneficial exercise can be for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Any form of movement is helpful to boost your mood or reduce your stress on a chemical level in your body and brain.

Yoga, Pilates and even our Rebounder classes all fall under this category of healthy movement, but they also go a little bit further to support your holistic health and lift you out of a depressed or stressed state.

Do More Than Just Modify Your Body

Whilst making changes to our body on a physical level to– our cells, our hormones and our organs – to improve our health, Yoga, Pilates and Rebounder classes also alter your emotions.

This is a vital aspect when it comes to living with depression or anxiety. The physical and emotional bodies are so intricately linked that one cannot shift too far without the other.

Notice how you feel uplifted and happy when your body is in great working shape? The reverse is also true. Working out your emotions through such mindful and mood-boosting activities has a knock on effect with your physical health.

Antianxiety and Antidepressant Exercise; What’s Going On?

So how exactly does exercise change us?

Movement of any kind keeps the body functioning. The demand to continually perform ensures the body continues to prepare itself for being used every single day and will condition itself to prepare for doing so.

Exercise reduces fatigue – both the physical and mental kind. In addition to helping your muscles last longer, it will improve your alertness, concentration and give your cognitive functions a longer lifespan.

When it comes to depression and anxiety, the brain is the organ that is affected the most. The many nerve connections and hormone levels in the brain are altered when experiencing these conditions. Exercise produces endorphins. This is the chemicals that gets to work in the brain and acts as a feel-good natural painkiller. It also boosts a whole lot of other things that directly relate to our mood, including an extremely important one… restful sleep.

Modifying our brains and allows for greater rest are two huge factors that make exercise a great antidepressant and antianxiety treatment. It allows you to take your mind off your worries.

Mindful Movement Nourishes Your Brain

Fewer worries, greater confidence and improved self esteem are all byproducts of exercise. Especially with exercise groups such a Yoga, Pilates and Rebounder classes, you also get that important social boost.

Positive social interaction does wonders for our health! Love and support from yourself and others in a fun and safe atmosphere can help you cope with life in a healthy way.

Foster that positive feeling by engaging in mindful exercise. Just turning up and having a go will make you feel successful. With others around you who are sharing your journey, taking these steps and implementing a positive action plan will become much easier.

Why Yoga, Pilates and Rebounder?

Any type of movement will bring you greater happiness and health. Even just getting out and walking around in nature will give your brain and body a boost!

Yoga, Pilates and Rebounder classes are great examples of exercise that focus on emotions as well as your body. With these methods you can really work on your emotional health and bring about greater happiness and ease in your life.

Yoga Pilates practices are both focused and internal. They are great methods for learning how to listen to your true self and find love within. These practices help train the mind to focus on what’s important and channel your energy to supporting and appreciating yourself.

Have you ever been on a mini-tramp? There is only one word for it… fun! A Rebounder class is a great antidepressant and anxiety reducing form of exercise simply because it is so enjoyable! Channel your inner child, release all those thoughts and inhibitions and just enjoy the sensation of fun and freedom!

Getting Started Can Be the Biggest Step

It may seem too much or too hard but remember, the first step can be the small motivating push you need to get going. The rest will start to come along naturally.

Here are some tips for those wishing to find happiness through any type of exercise;

  • Set small daily goals and aim for consistency.
  • Don’t aim for perfection, just aim to show up!
  • Engage in forms of exercise that you find enjoyable
  • Recruit a friendly “exercise buddy.”
  • Be patient when you start a new exercise program. Stick with it and you’ll begin to feel the effects.

Want to give it a go? Our supportive community at Yoga Harmony invite you to try our range of classes to boost your mood!