3 Reasons Why Tongue Cleaning Will Save Your Health

Some think it’s gross. Some don’t think about it much at all. But when you do stop and consider it, the tongue is a big part of our day. It’s involved in everything from eating, verbal interactions, nonverbal communication and even kissing. But did you know this strange and versatile muscle holds a great power over your health? Read on to find out how tongue cleaning can help you gain back your health.

3 Reasons Why Tongue Cleaning Will Save Your Health


1. It fights disease

When bacteria is left on the tongue it can spread and develop into detrimental diseases. Tongue scraping can remove the bacteria that causes Halitosis (‘bad breath disease’ resulting from the presence of sulphur) and Periodontitis (severe chronic inflammation of the gums) which has been linked to pregnant women delivering babies prematurely or with a low birth weight. But tongue cleaning doesn’t just eradicate diseases of the mouth. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infertility have been linked to bacteria spreading from the tongue, through the bloodstream. In severe cases Endocarditis (infection of the inner lining of the heart) can occur. A tongue cleaning routine also helps those suffering from HIV/AIDS and osteoporosis alleviate symptoms that result from these diseases and associated medication.


2. It stops toxin re-absorption

Your body is a system that is constantly functioning. In with the new, out with the old. This detox process is highly active in the mouth, but only when the tongue is clean. Tongue cleaning removes food debris, toxins, dead cells and fungi. If these substances aren’t removed your body reabsorbs them which aggravates conditions such as respiratory issues, digestive problems and can also compromise your immune system. Simply scraping away the junk from your tongue allows for effective detoxification and boosts your immunity against illnesses.


3. It unblocks your taste buds

Yes tongue cleaning rids your body of a lot of nasty things, but it also GIVES you something amazing… heightened taste! When all the little particles that find their way into the deep crevices of your tongue are removed, it opens up your taste buds. You thought your yummy food tasted good before? Just wait until you tuck into your favourite meal after establishing your tongue cleaning routine! A greater taste and appetite response leads to more saliva. More saliva means more enzymes, which helps to neutralise acids in the mouth as well as wash away food. Improved functioning of the digestive system and greater tasting food! I call that a win, win!


How does it work?

Tongue cleaning is most beneficial when performed in the morning on an empty stomach, however, using your tongue scraper before bed is also highly effective (and does wonders for your morning breath!)

Simply use a firm tongue scraper, made from copper of steel, to scrape from far back on the tongue to the front. Apply gentle yet firm pressure and rinse your tongue cleaner after each scrape. Repeat this process from 5 to 10 times, or until your tongue feels that it does not have a coating on it’s surface anymore.

Let’s get cleaning!

Staff at Yoga Harmony are always on hand to answer any of your natural health questions. Purchase a tongue cleaner at the studio and be on your way to finding a level of health that you had no idea your clean tongue could provide!