Detoxifying Your Body; Organic Foods and Its Power Over Chemicals

Did you know there are approximately 100,000 chemicals in use around the world today? Such a staggering number! And the scariest part… 300 of these man-made chemicals have been found in our human bodies. That’s right, our bodies are like a sponges. We ingest, inhale and absorb a vast variety of chemicals, from pesticides and cosmetics to chemicals in plastic bottles and air pollution. And as you have probably guessed, it is not good for our bodies at all.

Chemicals breakdown and accumulate once in our bodies and have the ability to interfere with our hormone systems, disrupt reproductive health and even damage our DNA. Basically, humans plus too many man-made chemicals equals health issues. So what can we do to reduce the toxins inside us?

Eating wholesome organic foods significantly reduces the levels of chemicals in your body. Not only are you eliminating all the synthetic chemicals you’d be consuming if you were eating processed foods, but eating organic means you won’t be ingesting pesticides and antibiotics either. Eat fresh dairy and meat, and select fruit and vegetables closest to their natural state to ensure a toxic free and highly nutritional meal.

Water is your best friend when cleansing your insides. H2O flushes out your system, taking unwanted chemicals and waste with it. Add some herbs and teas to boost your detox factor by enhancing your liver function, a major filtering system for the body. Warm water with a squeeze of lemon is a tried and tested cleansing method for your body first thing in the morning.

Green juices are all the rage at the moment, and rightly so! They are an excellent way to nourish your cells directly. Be careful not to fall into the sugar trap. Skip the added sugars and keep your smoothies all natural with lots of fruits and vegetables. Remember, keep the skin on for that extra boost of fibre to assist in cleansing your digestive system.

There are many other methods that support the cleansing process of your body such as skin brushing, clay or salt baths, air purifiers and misters, as well as the good old sweaty exercise session. It doesn’t hurt to take an extra look at the labels on products you buy too, especially cosmetics. Choosing products that are phthalate and paraben free are your safest option.

Meditation, yoga and pilates go hand in hand with detoxifying and ridding your body of chemicals. Not only are yoga and pilates physical methods of squeezing the bodies organs to release toxins, but meditation helps us to become more aware of our bodies. Being in tune with yourself on a deeper level will make it easier to recognises and make the changes needed for you to create a healthier body.

So if you you wish to reduce your exposure to chemicals, start by reducing your intake through your diet. Become very aware of the foods you are consuming. Take a moment to look at it and think about its journey to your plate. Feel grateful knowing that this food is only going to provide you with natural nutritious energy, and vitamins and minerals that will assist in taking your body into a more natural, purer state.