How To Choose The Right Type Of Practice For You

Your personal practice – it can be profound for your mind and extremely beneficial for your body. It can boost your health and bring you to a level of deep serenity.

Your personal practice can affect you so deeply, however, you need one single ingredient to make this happen… connection.

The Secret Ingredient

You need to feel connected to experience a practice that compliments who you are and enhances your holistic health. Truly connecting with your practice feels like finding the missing puzzle pieces in your life and becoming fulfilled.

It’s all about connection. It’s about finding the practice, the path, the way of life that suit the true you.

The Most Important Part

Before we delve into which practice is the best fit for certain people, there is some vital knowledge you need to understand first to ensure you generate a great connection with your practice.

The path to choosing successfully doesn’t involve asking a friend, researching the internet or taking a wild guess. The answer is actually a lot closer than you think.

You need to listen inwards. Listen to what your body needs. The answer to what will create a deep connection is found when you learn what your true self requires in order to feel more complete. Focusing more on the pleasure sensations – the positive feedback of your mind and body – will help you identify the type of practice that can do this for you.

Such deep feelings may be a strong feeling to strengthen the body in some way, such as stronger cardio or greater strength. Other internal feedback may require you to stop with the active forms of practice and give your body a break to repair, rebuild and nourish you on many levels.

You need to listen to the stronger feedback of the body and mind to hear this.

What Practices Are The Right Fit?

Once you understand what your body needs to experience at this point in your life, you can then go on to determine which practice will bring this to you. We are here to help you discover which methods fit you best!


If your personality is one of strength and resilience, and you actively seek fitness activities that push your body physically, then Ashtanga yoga is a practice you should consider. Young, strong and fit yogis enjoy this practice as it focuses intensity within the physical body. It channels powerful prana flow with athletic asanas that bring about great energy and detoxification through the tissues of the body.

Knoff Yoga

Knoff yoga is an all-around rewarding practice. If you are a person who flourishes with greater support and benefits from building energy, then Knoff yoga suits you well. It is a perfect practice people in any stage of life from discovery (beginner) level to old age. The adaptive nature of this practice allows you to create a form that can compliment you personally.

Knoff yoga adaptability is great for specifically tailoring practices to suit younger and stronger yogis. If this is you, you can challenge your body and mind with Knoff yoga’s intermediate sequence.

Restorative and Yin Yoga

If you need something softer and more gentle, you may find a deeper connection with Restorative and Yin yoga. This passive, more internal and amazingly moving form of yoga is best for those who appreciate the sensitivity that comes from exploring the realms of the inner self and physical body. These practices are stress relieving and promote mindfulness by focusing on a slower pace and more relaxing experience. Beneficial for all ages, this practice is needed as a focus for everyone at some point in their lives.

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga

If you have a younger explorative mind and feel a greater desire for a more spontaneous practice then Hatha and Vinyasa yoga may be your best match. These practices have no set sequence. Their methods keep you continually focused through transitions and movement. The changing nature of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga demand constant internal attention which can help you to develop a more intimate sense of your body and mind.


Pilates is a centred practice that bring the attention within. It is an adaptable practice that is perfect for people in any stage of life, including all shapes, sizes and those recovering from injuries. If you are looking to build strength and condition your body from the inside out, Pilates is a fantastic choice for you as it builds strong foundations from which you experience incredible health results.

Everybody is different, and that’s why the only person that can find the right practice for you is you. Simply listen to your body and you will find the answer.