How To Lose Weight With Yoga and Pilates

Reasons for gaining weight are varied and unique. Every body on this planet is different. It is important to understand that we are never the same from one day to the next. Our physical body, as well as our mental and emotional body, continues on a journey that can change various aspects of our lives on a continuous basis.

Gaining weight is not a bad thing. However, there is a point when our body can, as a result of too much weight gain, be exposed to experiences of greater stress. This point is different for all of us.

It is these moments when you have to care for your body. These moments require you to release yourself from the physical burden just as you would shed those negative thoughts and emotions.

When Losing Weight is Healthy

When you are losing weight for the purpose of improving your holistic health, Yoga and Pilates are excellent tools. These practices help you overhaul not only your weight but your mental, emotional and even spiritual self.

As humans, we are complex systems where all these layers of ourselves are intertwined. One affects the other. Yoga and Pilates help you to cleanse your entire body. It helps your weight loss journey be one of positivity, rejuvenation and ongoing success.

How to Lose Weight? Gift Yourself With Time

People don’t necessarily start losing weight straight away with Yoga and Pilates. But do not be disappointed or disheartened.

Yoga and Pilates is a natural process. The body morphs and changes in response to the quality of your physical practices and your mindful exploration.

Quick fixes never work, and this is why when you embark on your weight loss journey with Yoga and Pilates it is one that is effective, sustainable and manageable. It gifts you with long-lasting results.

Why Weight Loss with Yoga and Pilates is Effective

Losing weight with Yoga and Pilates is a great way to support your health. Giving yourself time to really embrace these practices ensures you can lay the foundations for successfully keeping the weight off. Even after your weight loss, you are able to maintain a relatively stress-free state of mind and enjoy a lighter experience.

The reason it is more effective to lose weight at a slower pace with Yoga and Pilates is due to your ability to connect with yourself. Through practicing mindfully, connecting the body and mind, and engaging in your breath awareness, you are able to start listening inwards.

Listening to Yourself Initiates the Change

Turning your attention inwards gives you the insight into letting go of the real struggles of weight loss. This internal space is where you can truly listen to the deeper needs you require for holistic health, including the right diet choices, thinking patterns, self-awareness and self-esteem.

It is this capacity to listen that will provide you with the results. You’ll be able to lose weight, eat in a way that nourishes your body, feel better about yourself, gain greater confidence and become more inspired and motivated.

So don’t worry if your weight loss results seem slow to get started. With Yoga and Pilates, you are ensuring that your journey brings long-lasting results with the added benefit of holistic health and a positive outlook on life.