Looking For Happiness and Clarity; Find It On Your Plate

We know the right nutrition can benefit our physical bodies but did you know what you eat can improve your mental clarity and boost your happy hormones to live a better life? The quality of your diet has a direct and powerful influence on your mental state, so it’s a good idea to choose your foods wisely.

Digestion; this cleansing system is a powerhouse in the body and does a lot more than just get rid of our food waste. Cells in the gut lining produce serotonin, our body’s feel good hormone. Serotonin interacts with our brain’s reward system. Yes, you read correctly, our gut communications directly with our brain.

Not only do the gut and brain communicate and interact, they also greatly influence one another. You may feel a churning in your gut when you are nervous. This is a direct link between the gut and the brain, and goes to show how we need to take care of both to ensure the other remains healthy and happy. Michael Gershon, Professor and Medical Doctor who has studied the gut-brain connection for years believes ,“You’re in good mental shape only if your gut lets you be”.    

By eating a wholesome, nutritious diet you are taking care of your brain, through the process of taking care of your gut. Not only will a healthy diet boost your serotonin levels and make you feel good, eating highly nutritional foods has been found to pass on brain boosting benefits as well.

Researcher Dr Josh Axe lists avocados, beets, blueberries, bone broth, broccoli, coconut oil, dark chocolate, egg yolks, extra virgin olive oil, leafy green vegetables, rosemary, salmon, turmeric and walnuts as the foods that have additional positive effects on our brains. Consuming these ingredients will improve your cognitive function, memory, concentration, mental clarity and keep you alert to better process new information. These foods also protect your brain from degeneration, the effects of stress, memory loss, and help to reverse age and disease related changes.

A happy life relies on holistic health. Even those who have conditioned their bodies to optimal physical potential will fall short of this goal if they’re not looking after their mental health. Feed your body, feed your mind and allow nutritious foods to give you the greatest opportunity to experience something beautiful – clear thoughts and a happy heart.