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Resilience: Jump On Your Mat and Toughen Up

Life can be challenging. As amazing as this world is, it can place some pretty difficult hurdles in our way. Illnesses, hardships, evolution, natural and man-made disasters, even our daily stresses… history and our present lives highlight the struggles many have faced and overcome.

So how do we – the people of today’s world – overcome events where the odds are stacked against us? From the small problems to the large, what makes a person able to get up, push through and keep going?


Resilience is the tool that we can use to rise up against the tough times. It is the energy we can muster to try again and again. It is the attitude we can use to look through, to see and harness the positivity of life.

Being resilient means you don’t back away, you stand tall. Being resilient means you don’t absorb all the negative vibes around you, you deflect them. Being resilient means you are stronger, tougher and more confident in all that you think, feel and do.

So how can we get more of this? How can we exercise, strengthen and sharpen our resilience?

Resilience Routines

Methods that encourage you to strip yourself of negative baggage can help build greater resilience.

Practicing yoga and Pilates enables you to eliminate the unnecessary weight in life – both physical and emotional. It frees you to become stronger. Rituals, routines and disciplines that enhance your connectedness will train your mind and body to break through barriers.

These activities give you the focus and insight to seek what is the core cause of problems. From there you can resolve them, be strengthened by them and go on with a greater sense of knowledge and confidence than what you had before.  

Resilience is Becoming Stronger and Softer

There is a common misconception that soft is not strong. Yet, resilience builds both of these aspects, helping you to become more adept in both your body and mind.

Delving into the mind will promote emotional cleansing. We can let go of negativity and replace it with positivity. Drawing in kindness, gratitude and pure appreciation will bring a softness to you and your outlook on life.

On the other hand, yoga, Pilates, meditation and mindful routines can also greatly challenge the mind. Stimulation from these practices can be hard work. The mental strain of a meditation session alone can sometimes feel overpowering.

By committing to these practices we teach our mind to withstand greater pressures. We prepare it for the emotional strain that we may come up against in our day to day life.

Postures and asanas in Pilates, yoga and other mindful practices can be both strong and soft. Engaging in these physical practices routinely will teach you how to harness power and overcome stress. They will teach you to embrace discomfort and let go of tension.

Such practices will show you how to fight for what’s important to you and how to surrender to the greater happiness being offering.

A Tool to Deal with Life’s Challenges

Resilience is something you can find within. It is something you can gain, something you can grow. Whatever mindful practice helps you get there, use it to find your power centre. Find it, nourish it and enjoy the stronger sense of pure happiness you hold there.