Yoga Props; Enhancing Your Practice At Any Level

Simple yet effective, yoga props help you transform your yoga practice. From blocks, to cushions, straps and wheels, they are extremely useful and even assist in the development of your Pilates practice too.

But yoga props are not only for beginners. They are definitely a beginner yogis best friends, but more advanced yogis can utilise them to explore their practice and discover places they’ve never found before.

A Helping Hand

When starting out, often beginner yogis’ bodies have not yet realised their strength potential. Their body awareness may be underdeveloped and their flexibility restricted. They look upon yoga with fresh new eyes and see something that challenges both their sense of balance and coordination.

In these situations, yoga props are the bridge that help new yogis reach a certain destination. A support that guides your body in the right direction before it can accomplish it by itself. A block provides balance in half moon, a cushion lifts the sitting bones in sukhasana and a strap gives you greater access to a variety of stretches.

Props are not a weakness. Do not push yourself and rush your progress to try and complete your asanas without props. Utilise their support without reliance. Let them lift you, guide you and encourage you so you can naturally advance in your practice at a pace that is perfect for your body.

Deepen Your Pose

Do not be mistaken by categorising yoga props as something only for beginners. Thinking this way is doing an immense disservice to any yogi’s yoga experience.

Yoga props can change even the most advanced asanas into something more. As you move into a deeper version of a pose, you experience it to a greater potential. Your body can absorb the asana to a greater capacity, giving you new physical progression.

But along with increase in physical ability, the new, deeper form of the pose brings about a new point of view. A mental state that is enhanced by the energy in the asana, that takes you deeper into the mind, the breath and the body.

Whether it be standing on a block in forward fold, finding a greater backbend over a yoga wheel or using a strap to deepen you dancer’s pose, yoga props act as a vehicle to take you to a new level in your yoga practice.

Change the Focus Of Energy

In addition to taking beginner and advanced asanas to the next level, yoga props can also transform a pose by changing its purpose.

We enter each asana with a purpose. Each posture has a connection with our body, transferring energy and bringing about mental and physical change. Props can help target the energetic change we wish to experience.

This is especially useful in softer practices such as Yin and Restorative yoga. Props allow the body to move from high activation in a pose, to generating a passive energy that penetrates deep within the body and Self.

Strapping the legs together for legs up the wall, placing cushions beneath each knee in lotus pose and resting the back of the sacrum on a block in bridge pose are great examples of how yoga props allow us to relinquish tension.

With the helps of these yoga props we take the energy from within the muscles and surrender it. Because we are supported we can allow our bodies to experience the asana in a new way; one of passive acceptance as opposed to activation and focus. This will take you deeper and open your body up to a new experience using energy of a different quality.

Feel The Difference

Don’t be afraid to explore using yoga props. They have the ability to help you, no matter where you are in you yoga journey.

Always remember the purpose of a pose is the experience. Use props to help, not hinder, your progress in each asana. Everyone is different, so have fun finding how yoga props enhance your unique body and its yoga experience.