3 Ways Yoga Helps With Your Spirituality

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is ingrained in spirituality. It is done not only to strengthen and enhance the body but to benefit the soul as well.

In modern days, yoga has not been based on the ancient origins of its philosophies. Yoga based on traditional point of view is not only to improve the physical state but to help people on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Even science is looking for the deeper essence of yoga and if it is used properly, it is beneficial to human mind, body and soul.

The following are ways on how yoga can benefit the state of mind and soul.

1) Yoga Eases Stress
Yoga has the potential to connect with the parasympathetic nervous system of the body. This system is responsible for setting the body into a “rest and digest cycle” and during this cycle resources and energy are sent to assist with the ‘housekeeping’ kind of digestion.

Opposite to this cycle is the fight or flight system that activates every time we are experiencing stress. When low-level stress continues, the fight and flight system takes over.

Proper pranayama breathing techniques and slow and meditative movements of various traditional yoga exercises cause slow heart rate, calm body, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This gives your soul the much-needed contemplation time it requires.

2) Yoga Is Good For Depression
Yoga serves to be a proven and effective therapy for people who suffer from depression. Yoga’s physical attributes of many of the exercises trigger the release of endorphins which give a natural mood boost and fight stress. Aside from reducing the feeling of stress, yoga is so helpful to make mental downtime which is a healing and transformative time for the brain. During this important time, the unconscious mind works on the process of healing upset and deep-down trauma.

3) Yoga Prevents Mental Illness (Particularly In the Young)
For today’s medical professionals, the issue of mental health for younger people is a major concern. It is because young people are more prone to mental illness and might bring a continuing problem as they grow.

Many studies are suggesting that yoga can be a proven preventive measure from mental diseases. People who developed themselves with skills from yoga early in their life are more equipped to combat the effects of stress and other negative impacts of modern living. In general, yoga is therapeutic. Based on earlier discussions, taking courses in yoga where you incorporate both the physical and spiritual aspects is proven to be effective and helpful to people suffering from mental illness. It enables the mind to make connections with its deeper self, and gives the psyche an opportunity to heal or get rid of distressing issues.