3 Yoga Tips Beginners Must Know

Have you decided to change your lifestyle and take up the art of Yoga? If so, then the following three tips could make the difference between enjoying the art or feeling left out and bored. These tips will make your journey into the world of Asana and Ashtanga a pleasure.

Firstly, when taking a new class, remember that no one is judging you. This is great for building initial confidence and skills. Small mistakes when starting out are not a concern for fellow practitioners or even the teacher.

The main concern is that you stay focused on what the instructor is teaching. Your imagination at this stage of the game can run wild; you can find yourself thinking about the shopping list or picking the kids up later. Just try and stay focused on the present moment.

After a bit of practice, you’ll proceed through poses like the Downward Dog, Plank Pose, Cobra, Eagle pose and when reality sets in with your body feeling the strain you’ll move into the Warrior pose.

The second tip is never skipping ahead to poses you have not properly learnt yet. As a beginner, there are certain basics that need to be learnt before attempting the more interesting and tempting poses. The rule is generally that if you as a beginner can stay down in the Downward-facing Dog pose for half the time of your teacher then you can think about moving up the pose ladder.

Another rule is that if you can understand any one of the 20 Sanskrit words used by your teacher during class, then you may think about looking at the moderate levels of training. At the end of the day, your instructor will know when you’re ready to move up and you should place your faith in them.

The final tip when entering the exciting world of Yoga is to enjoy it and have a lot of fun while learning. Nothing in life is mastered in a few days; there are days when you will not get a single pose right, days when your body is going to revolt against the way it has to bend.

Accept the limitations that yoga will initially present you, training and regular practice will prove that you can master this wonderful pastime, and your body will thank you for it.