Achieving, Accepting and the Harmony of Opposites

The beautiful harmony of life is everywhere shall we choose to see it. How it is experienced is unique to each individual, but the journey itself is a global one that has been undertaken by humans for as long as life has existed.

Humans of all walks of life have sought to create balanced harmony in this world (read about the Hindu philosophies here). The Ancient Greek and Egyptian concepts of life balance were expressed by the God Hermes Trismegistus in the form of the 7 Laws of the Universe. Among these, the Law of Gender provides principles which shape how humans engage with life and can help guide us to discover greater balance within ourselves.

The Law of Gender has little to do with the physicalities of being a male or female, but rather looks deeply at the universal characteristics of Masculinity and Femininity. The book The Kybalion expresses the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and states “gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles”.

In humans, masculine energy takes the form of action-orientated outward expression. It is achieving. It is our will. It is our competitiveness, self-confidence and decisiveness. Our masculine energy allows us to be direct, take risks and be in charge of operating our lives. We all have this energy inside of us. But don’t be fooled. Feminine energy can be powerful too, however, it’s deeper nature compliments where masculine energy lacks complexity. Feminine energy exists in new thoughts, concepts and ideas. It is acceptance. It is your intuition, your receptiveness and creativity. This energy fuels your collaboration, selflessness and highly values others.

Too much masculine energy will build an ego that blinds you. You may need more feminine energy to enable you to empathise with others. Too much feminine energy will let others intimidate you. You may need masculine energy to boost your self confidence and engage your voice. The masculine and feminine energies ebb and flow. They constantly intertwine to make us who we are.

When we work hard, for hours, days and weeks on end we inevitably reach a breaking point. Or, as Sarah Powers the co-founders of modern day Yin Yoga suggests, the universe will “gift us with a severe migraine to slow us down”. She acknowledges such experiences reveal the underlying nature of the universe. We can see that if we stay too long in an unbalanced situation, the universe acts to restore balance. It throws us to the other side”.

With this knowledge, we can seek our own balance and ultimately find peace in all that we do. From small daily habits like making a cup of tea, reading emails, travelling to work and speaking with colleagues, to broader concepts such as expressing our inner values, how we love and the tone of our self talk. Become aware. Look closely. Stop and think. Feel. Do you need a little of something else to feel happy, to feel at peace, to feel balanced? Or do you need a lot? You don’t have to change the world. The ability to recognise and embrace the energy you need can be all it takes to start serving your greater good.