Yoga is Simply Amazing for the Aging

As is life, this vehicle that is our body naturally breaks down over time. But this process doesn’t need to be one wrought with pain, sadness and frustration.

Regularly practicing Yoga as you reach your elderly years helps you to live longer in a state of greater happiness and health.

Yoga Helps You Age Healthily

Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases that occur later in life can be delayed with the help of Yoga. The awareness and mental clarity that yoga and meditation bring help to keep your brain alert and capable for longer.

Your physical body is also supported by ​your yoga practice, no matter what age you are. It helps keep your joints sturdy and mobile, which improves your balance and stability. Feeling more stable not only helps you avoid dangerous falls but gives you greater confidence and self esteem as your body continues to change.

Don’t just accept the fact that you can’t move as you once did. Feel free again and get your body moving to its optimal capacity. Yoga improves your flexibility and does wonders for joint health. You can enjoy moving with fewer aches and restrictions.

Feeling weak can be a huge blow to your self esteem in addition to your physical health. Yoga uses your own body weight to safely build and maintain the strength in your bones and muscles. These tissues can deteriorate quite rapidly as we age, so it is never too late to get started, get strong and feel successful!

Yoga is a holistic health aid. It really works on all parts of our body and life to lift us to greater heights. All the organs and systems that run constantly in our body can be improved by engaging in a regular practice.

Boost your immune system to avoid conditions directly related to aging, improve your digestion, regulate your blood pressure and support your respiration. By encouraging mindfulness and helping your body detox, Yoga reduces your anxiety so you can stress less!

Where To Begin? Yoga For the Elderly

Yoga is a vast and wondrous world filled with many variations of practices. There is a style of yoga for all ages, bodies and life stages.

Seniors benefit from gentle, flowing styles of Yoga and can also enjoy chair yoga well into their later years.

What can you expect? Think neck rolls, cat and cow stretches, supported or seated forward bends, gentle spinal twists and relaxing self-massage.

Whether it is chair, restorative, yin or gentle vinyasa Yoga, your body will feel great after your practice. Your pain will be alleviated, tensions will melt away and you will feel less fatigued and more energised.

Top Tips for the Aging Population

Follow some key pointers to ensure your yoga practice brings you health and happiness.

  • Start with a thorough warm up such as a brisk walk or large movements that incorporate major joints
  • Practice yoga with a compassionate, trained yoga teacher
  • Discuss any ailments or conditions with your instructor
  • Focus on flow – repeating postures as opposed to holding asanas
  • Take time to rest adequately after each asana and between practices
  • Allow time for your body to adjust to your daily yoga routine before trying out new positions
  • When attempting new asanas do so gently and gradually
  • Maintain your expectations and let go of any judgement. Be kind to yourself!

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