Living a Better Life: 6 Benefits of Yoga

The fact that Yoga is good for us is not really ground breaking news. From past ancient ancestors to modern day man, societies across the globe understand that Yoga has the potential to alter our lives in countless ways – all of which take us in a positive direction.

But how exactly can this ancient come modern practice change our lives for the better?

6 Benefits of Yoga

Strengthen Your Body!

Don’t be fooled into thinking all Yoga methods are gentle or ‘easy’. The intensity Yoga brings deep within helps to build a strong and functional body that can move with power!

Yoga practices use body weight resistance to build strength in your muscles. As a result you build more muscle tone and your muscles can change to become longer and leaner.

Conditioning your muscles in this way allows you to feel supported, bringing greater confidence and capability to your movements. Increasing your strength will give you greater freedom to tackle those physical activities you want to achieve – which will also give your self esteem a healthy boost!

Find Balance

Not only does weight resistance build muscle but it also increases your bone density. Stronger bones and muscles lead to stronger joints, healthier spines and improved posture, which subsequently supports the overall alignment of your body’s structure.

Yoga allows your body to achieve physical balance, which is often an overlooked element when assessing the state of our health.

When our bodies are unbalanced, discomfort, injury and illness occur. If an area of the body is weak a stronger area has to overcompensate, often leading to its deterioration.

Using Yoga to create structural strength in the body not only improves your balance and coordination but helps you to eradicate weakness, pain and associated problems caused by imbalances.

Invite Healing

Yoga is synonymous with healing. Yogic practices promote greater blood flow which spreads its healing effect to every muscle, organ and cell within you.

Increasing your blood circulation strengthens your heart and lungs and improves the health of your digestive system. It flushes your lymphatic systems which boosts your immunity and therapeutically fights to cure any illnesses present in your body.

In addition to its detoxifying effects, another main reason Yoga brings great healing is its ability to ease pain. The pain relief felt as a result of Yoga repairing and rebuilding the body brings further healing to you physical as well as emotionally and mentally.

Peace Out

Speaking of emotional and mental health, apart from eliminating pain Yoga goes on to further gift your mind with a greater sense of peace.

A healthy mind has a profound effect on the body and sense of Self. Your yoga practice allows your mind to relax. It brings about greater clarity and helps you to embrace truth in your thoughts and emotions. You experience greater compassion for others as well as yourself which gives your Self Esteem a great boost!

Stress Less

So much stress. Everywhere. Our society dishes it out and at times our body seems to run purely on it adrenaline. But we have the control to reduce our stress. Engaging in Yoga fights stress head on and therefore improves your health in so many ways.

Adrenal fatigue is caused by stress. When the body experiences this it brings about feelings of exhaustion, food cravings, mood disturbances and problems sleeping. It also weakens your immunity which means you’re tackling illness on top of all these things!

Yoga helps to decrease the demand placed on the adrenal glands. Stepping onto your mat regularly helps you to manage the chronic stress that affects your adrenals and allows them to heal. A knock on effect occurs; more energy, better sleep and generally feeling better allows you to live a healthy and happier life.

Release Tension and Tightness

Our bodies are essentially the vehicle in which houses the physical component of our self (cells, tissues, organs) as well as our emotional and mental bodies. As with everything that is used on a daily basis, our body changes through wear and tear as our life progresses.

Wear and tear on our muscles and tendons cause tightness, and while this seems to be a physical issue is can affect all other aspects of the body. Built up tension can limit the actions our bodies can carry out, causing people to become weaker, unable to go about their usual tasks and bringing about a feeling of helplessness or loss of liveliness.

By promoting greater flexibility, Yoga helps us to ease tightness and maintain our range of motion. We can feel free in our movements, which in turn flows into our experiences of freedom in life. Yoga helps us remove restrictions placed on the body and keeps our movements healthy and strong so we can continue interacting with the world the way we want to, for longer.

From the inside out, Yoga can improve every aspect of who you are. From your physical health to your mental ideas and connection with life, appreciate and enjoy all the benefits your practice will bring!