Expert Tips For Yoga Beginners

Are you new to yoga?

If you haven’t quite got your head around yoga yet don’t worry! Yoga is not something you just pick up on the spot.

For most students the benefits of yoga don’t start until they really begin to understand and engage in yoga practice.

Here are 5 expert tips for yoga beginners:

#1. Breathe

Breathing is natural. So natural you probably don’t notice you are doing it…

One of the hardest things for new yoga students to adapt to is controlling their breathing rhythms.

Try to practice breathing techniques from your yoga class in your every day life. When you’re driving, lying in the bath tub or watching tv focus on the breaths you take.

As an added bonus you may find yoga breathing techniques to be really helpful when dealing with stress or over stimulation.

#2. Make yourself comfortable

yoga beginners

Yoga is a great way to calm down and relax.

You should always be comfortable when practicing yoga.

Wear non restrictive and comfortable clothing. Don’t worry about looking stylish, yoga clothes should be functional not fashionable.

Use props when you need them. Don’t be embarrassed if you need a bit of extra help to get comfy in certain positions.

Invest in a yoga mat that suits your style of yoga and your body type. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on your mat, Pick one that’s comfortable not one that was in the Target $5 bargain bin….

Don’t fill up on foods or liquids before class. A full or bloated tummy does not help yoga practice but make sure you are well hydrated and not hungry.

Don’t arrive late, stressed out, emotional or sick to yoga classes. A yoga class needs to be calm and as amazing as yoga is… yoga does not miraculously heal you of all ailments. It’s OK to skip a class if you don’t feel up to it.

#3. Get educated

The best way to improve your yoga practice is to become more involved in yoga.

Get to know your yoga teacher, your yoga studio and the style of yoga you are following.

Yoga is a great way to network and make new friends. Connect with other students and keep in touch with your yoga studio. Most yoga studios hold events and workshops that you can get involved with.

Becoming part of a yoga community can really help boost your yoga practice.

Read up on yoga and educate yourself. Check out online articles or yoga blogs for ideas and advice. At Yoga Harmony we update our blog –see it here 🙂 -weekly with yoga and Pilates posts.

#4. Do your best

yoga beginners

Your yoga teacher will always be happy to help!

Yoga is not about being able to do the hardest pose the quickest. Yoga is about gradual self improvement.

Don’t get demotivated if you find you are struggling with certain poses. Every beginner yoga student goes through the same thing! Even your amazing yoga teacher probably had a mat meltdown

the first time they realised how hard it is to stretch AND balance on one leg…

The best yoga advice is to always do your best and push yourself to do better! Don’t feel like quitting just because you can’t do something immediately.

And remember…

Although it is tempting, don’t compare yourself to others! Sure there will always be that one person in the class that’s way better than you could ever dream of being. But that’s life, there will always be someone, somewhere doing something better! Don’t focus on negative thoughts like that. Yoga is not about competition.

#5. Keep up the good work!

Practice makes perfect. The more you commit yourself to a yoga routine the more you will feel the benefits.

Make your yoga classes part of your weekly schedule and set aside time for practice at home. Morning asanas are a great way to start the day and reserving some time in the evening for a quiet yoga practice can really help to de-stress.

Remember that we don’t leave yoga at the studio. Incorporate yoga teachings into your every day life.

Students who maintain a healthy and active lifestyle are the first to see benefits from their yoga practice.

And if you feel achey or strained from new classes keep stretching out and warming up your muscles at home in between classes. Don’t allow stiffness or fatigue to set in.

You need to keep your body in good shape for you next yoga class!

Most importantly remember to enjoy yoga!

Always look at yoga from a positive perspective. Get excited for your next class, track your progression and talk to your friends about your practice. The more you put into yoga the more you will get out of it!

Are you new to yoga? You can leave your questions or experience in the comments below…