How To Eat For Yoga

What do you eat before yoga?

A lot of students ask what are the best foods to eat before and after yoga class…

And the honest answer is…

There is no strict yoga diet or specific yoga foods.

The best foods you can eat for yoga are the foods that work best for your body.

However if you’re struggling to adapt your diet to suit your yoga practice we always have lots of advice (and the occasional workshop!) available to you.

Here is our advice on how to eat for yoga.

Don’t overeat

Don’t eat too much before a yoga class. There is nothing worse than feeling full or bloated during a practice. You will not get the full benefits of a yoga class if you’re sluggish or full of food.

It’s also important not to pig out after class. Yoga cleanses your body so you’ll be much more sensitive after a class. It may be difficult to digest big meals after an intense yoga session.

Make sure you get your 5 a day…

Everyone needs 5 fruits and vegetables a day but go easy on the fruits. Fruits contain a lot of sugars that cause havoc with your insulin levels. We recommend splitting your 5 a day to 2 portions of fruit 3 portions of veggies.

Ditch the junk food

At Yoga Harmony we’re pretty tolerant people, we respect the opinions of others and try not to be judgemental…

But fast food is really, really bad!

Never eat heavy processed food before or after yoga classes it will really upset your stomach.

Cut down on animal produce

You don’t have to go full blown vegan the minute you sit on a yoga mat.

But most yoga students find that cutting down on meat or limiting their dairy intake really helps their body. Animal produce can be difficult to process and slow your body down.

Stay hydrated

Obviously it’s important to keep hydrated before, during and after a yoga class. Just remember not to overdo it…

You don’t want to have to disrupt your yoga class for a bathroom break.

Also think about getting hydrated from the foods you eat. Don’t just rely on water. Include hydrating foods like watermelon and leafy green salads in your daily diet.

Stay humble

Try to eat modest amounts of simple food before and after yoga classes. Big portions of food won’t sit well in your stomach.

Don’t forget that the richer the food the harder it is to digest and process. Avoid extravagant dishes before practising yoga.

Start your day right;

Never skip breakfast!

If you’re heading to an early morning class make sure you eat something small before you start. Your body cannot run on an empty fuel tank. Breakfast is really important, you need to fuel your yoga practice.

Eat your greens

Green vegetables are great for everything!

They’re the perfect pre or post yoga class food as they have some many great health benefits.

They’re full of potassium and magnesium to support healthy joints and muscles and high in fibre, vitamin C and folic acid. They’re also a light choice if you don’t want to feel too full.

Supercharge with superfoods

Superfoods are food with multiple benefits that help to look after your body. It’s important that your body gets all round care when practising yoga.

Your mind needs to be focused, your limbs need to be supple and your blood flow and sugar levels should be balanced.

Do you research on how superfoods could help your body…

You’ll find superfoods quickly help your yoga practice.

Learn to love smoothies

Who doesn’t love smoothies?

Smoothies are a really easy way to get all the right vitamins and nutrients.

They’re also filling and incredibly easy to digest. Smoothies are a great way to stop hunger pangs if you haven’t scheduled in enough time for a full meal before yoga class or to quickly refuel after a yoga session.
Overall the most important thing is to keep your body healthy.

Try to maintain a nutritious and varied diet. Eat sensible sized portions at regular times throughout the day and do everything in moderation.

Obviously everybody has a different yoga experience so you may find certain foods just work great for your body.

Let us know your experiences in the comments below..