The Importance Of Sharing Your Yoga Experiences

This week we were really happy to be included in an amazing local Yoga guide for Perth (which you can check out in this link here) and it got us thinking about why it is so important to share yoga experiences.

Although yoga is an entirely personal practice, yogis themselves are constantly looking to learn and expand their skills further.

So being able to take a look at what’s happening in the yoga community is really important for a successful and fulfilling practice.

The essence of yoga is to explore…

And sometimes being able to branch out and look at different styles of yoga or ways of practicing out of your comfort zone is a great way to open your mind.

For some students this is easy but for others the idea of leaving the warmth of your own yoga bubble can be daunting.

Which is why it is so important to share your yoga experiences with others especially with friends who aren’t too sure of yoga yet or are trying to improve in certain areas.

Remember that not everyone has the same experiences as you so your advice and knowledge will always be valued.

If you have been lucky enough to find the perfect yoga place or class let people know so they can check it out!

For yoga beginners starting practice can be scary.

They’ve heard so many myths about yoga and read so much information it can be hard to work out what they want from yoga.

Recommending a studio, a style or giving some general beginners yoga advice can be really helpful.

For more experienced yogis the idea of engaging with and meeting with other like minded people is great.

Sharing positive experiences of classes, workshops or personal achievements is an amazing way to bond with or build links with others.

When you engage in a yoga class or workshop it’s not just your classmates you are building a relationship with…

Your yoga teachers build connections too and if you’ve picked the right one they will have a genuine interest in your work and progression and an understanding of how to help you as an individual.

For teachers being able to create a bond and connect with students is an amazing feeling.

Rather than posting your yoga on social media try talking to others about what they’re up to or what classes they’ve been taking recently.

You’ll find that you can learn a lot from listening to someone else rather than focusing on yourself.

It’s important to communicate.

At Yoga Harmony we always love hearing about your experiences or your ideas and we always look forward to talking with our students.

Like all teachers we enjoy seeing our student’s progression and hearing their feedback. We also like to know about you and how you are doing.

So next time you’re in the studio or you’re online reading one of our articles, please take the time to tell us your feelings.

Let us know if you’re finding a class to hard, if you want more information on a topic or you’re planning on being away for a couple of weeks and might miss a class or two.

It’s easy to forget how to connect in the modern world but taking the time to talk to others about yoga is beneficial to both you and the people around you.

How else can you share how you are feeling or where you found an awesome yoga workshop?

Mindful people take time to make positive things happen so instead of logging on a computer or switching off to the world…

Take the time today to talk about yoga and to inspire and encourage the others around you.

Feel free to leave your yoga experiences in the comments below…