The Effects of Meditation; What You Stand To Gain And Lose

So Simple, Yet So Profound

The ancient yogic practice of meditation, one of the eight limbs of yoga, is more than just breathing and being still. Yet in essence this is how simple it can be.

It is these basic steps that allow us to come back to our main intent in life; to be. Meditation is discovering your existence, your true inner Self, and experiencing it through all its honesty.

The Effects of Meditation

As our scientific world continues to develop in this technological age, the benefits of meditation, that have been known to many for generations, are more apparent than ever. The positive effects it has on our body and our life are numerous.

What You Stand To Lose


The build of of stress and tension severely damages the systems of our bodies, and our minds. Meditation has the ability to change your perspective, to make anxieties dissolve into unnecessary worries as you realise what is important in life. You learn to let go of what does not serve you.


Meditating helps to halt the spiral of negative thoughts and brain patterns. You get to know yourself, to accept your true being and understand what makes you happy. Meditation gives you the gift of acceptance. You can relinquish what you can not control, to ultimately find happiness.

Blood Pressure

Whether it be during your meditation sessions or as a result of long term meditation practice, your body will experience a drop in blood pressure. The relaxation meditation brings helps to release pressure placed throughout the body, especially your organs and arteries, allowing for optimal functioning.

Cellular Death

Even the smallest particles of ourself, the organic matter we are created from, is affected by meditation. Cellular death slows and the bodies ability to bring about cellular renewal is increased. This is the process of enhanced immunity. Your body repairs on a deep physiological level and moves towards a state of vitality.

What You Stand To Gain


Ingenious advanced in technology reveal the way Meditation impacts the brain.  This computer system of our body, develops more grey matter as a result of meditation. Your cognitive function increases. You gain greater focus, memory and creativity, and your skills in decision making and problem solving improve.


DNA damage occurs as a result of stress, altering our bodies and creating illness. On a fundamental level, DNA damage changes who we are. Meditation repairs and extends the ends of our DNA strands. It reverses the effects of our broken DNA code, and can gift us with rejuvenation that extends our life.

Emotional Intelligence

With meditation comes awareness and understanding, not just in fleeting moments, but as permanent changes in the way we think and feel in this world. Our emotional intelligence is heightened. We learn, who we are and how we are. On a superficial level our mood is lifted, but deep within we access the layers of emotional energy within us. Energy that lets us pursue feelings of love and enlightenment throughout life.

Loving Relationships

All relationships, the ones with others and with ourselves, benefit from meditation. It bring about self acceptance and greater social connections. Meditation opens our relationships up to truth and love. We feel these connections with others, not as people but as beings. Meditation helps us experience this existence of being together.

Appreciation For All Things

But most of all, meditation brings acceptance. Acceptance of all the gains and gifts, as well as all the loses and voids. It helps us come back to what truly is and recgonise this awareness with pure gratitude.

Meditation at Yoga Harmony

Give yourself this gift. Come and visit us at Yoga Harmony for one of our meditation classes. We can guide you to experience all these benefits and more.